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Why I Love Writing?

Updated on June 23, 2016

Why I love writing is the question that I often ask myself. Is writing a passion? Is writing a fun?Is writing a power? Some people take it for passion and some others take it for pleasure and I too take it for pleasure but actually for me it is a power. The power of my words can conquer the world because I know that I'll be no more for ever in this world but my words will living beings for ever and will have never to be dead.A man dies and leaves his physical children behind him,whom also have to be died afterwards but my words are my spiritual children who will never die as my soul will never die.This is like just great writers Shakespeare, Milton, Chaucer, Goethe and Hemingway who are died but their spiritual children are still with us to give us pleasure and power.

What is writing for you?

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