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Why I'm Afraid Of Teddy Bears

Updated on April 27, 2016

Ever since I was a kid, I have been deadly afraid of stuffed teddy bears.

The reason for that fear was because when I was a baby, my parents couldn't afford to buy me one so they just put a live bear in my crib instead.

It's looked a lot like this bear.

And that's why I'm afraid of stuffed animals.

Okay, I admit that I just made this up. I'm not really afraid of stuffed animals and my parents never put a live bear in my crib. My parents may not have been perfect parents but at least they weren't that horrible although they did damage me enough without a bear and, to be honest, an actual living bear would never have been able fit in a baby's crib anyway. Best I only can picture either Casey Anthony or Amanda Bynes putting a live bear in her baby's crib (but luckily Amanda doesn't have one and unfortunately Casey already killed hers). This was just inspired by the photo above that I found online and that I used to illustrate it.

But what are you afraid of? Comment below with your fear(s)! If you dare! :)


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