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Does Jane Eyre Actually Kind Of Suck?

Updated on December 28, 2015

You stare into the abyss and the abyss farts in your face

We all have that one classic we don't like. In fact, some of us have a hard time understanding why some books, which only seem worthy to wipe your buns when you run out of toilet paper, are have lasted at all.

Jane Eyre isn't quite that bad.

But it is kinda like biting a piece of chocolate in one of those assorted boxes and being surprised with a mouthful of licorice nasty something rather than milk chocolate goodness. In other words, it's not what it ought to be. And what is there is hardly worth the hype.

The very definition of a booby trap
The very definition of a booby trap

For all the reasons described in the video below (and do hope you'll crank up the volume in order to better appreciate the melodious sound of my delicate voice), I simply can't get into Jane Eyre. I find it annoying in the same way I find "Little Women" annoying: because of the preachiness.

Charming, yes. Well-written, certainly.

But ultimately like being screamed at from the pulpit.


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