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Why Reviewstream Rejecting Reviews?

Updated on June 9, 2010

Helpful Hints to Earn in Get Paid to Review

Probably this is not the first time you read a topic about Reviewstream, a get paid to review site. But don't worry, I will not asking you to join me here. In fact, this article is more on an advise for those who already writing reviews for this site. Yes, this article will focus on giving you helpful hints on how to earn in reviewstream and what I did to reach the minimum payout? Are you ready...

Review Items People Are Searching For

Stop reviewing things that people don't want to see and start reviewing things people keep on searching for. But how will you know the items they want, the product they want to try, the service they want to check, and what not? It is easy my dear friend.

Here's how? In the homepage of reviewstream, you will see " Recent Searches what others are searching for" and listed there are the several keywords use by a searcher to find a review. For example; cure to skin diseases, restaurant in manila, avatar movie review etc.

There are lots of search keyword phrases under that tab you can begin to review. And yes, I believe that these are the items reviewstream wants you to write about. And that's why they say that the most wanted reviews requested by the readers are electronics,medicine, travel and related, local businesses and cosmetics, is because these are the categories you'll see in the Recent Searches tab. so it does make sense that if you review medicine, it should be a medicine people is recently searching for.

When I started doing this, I see that 99% of my reviews get approved. Try it for yourself.

Refresh the Homepage or Click a Keyword

Now that you know where to find the items you should review. It will be hard if you don't have an experience with those items right? Right. So just keep on refreshing reviewstream homepage to come up with another keyword phrases or try to click one of it, read it to refresh your writing skills and learn some words to use. Most often, people who appreciate other reviews become a better in reviewing. Mind you, I did it and I can say that I improve my writing style even just a little bit.

Going back, after reading some reviews, go back to the homepage and be surprise, there are more keyword phrases in the Recent Searches tab that you can find. And honestly, I never experience having a hard time finding the things I can review because most often than not, people are looking for items that I already tried, bought or encountered even once in my lifetime.

So yes, refresh the reviewstream homepage or click the keyword phrases under Recent Searches tab. Believe me, it works impressively.

Review Only The Things You Know

This is very self-explanatory right? Right. If you don't want to pressure yourself thinking of how can you gather your thoughts to come up with a good review. The best thing that you should do is to only pick those items that you're knowledgeable about.

Reviewstream reads your review and some of their moderators as well, so they know if you know what you are talking about. They can feel or sense it. I know, because I experienced getting rejected reviews like everybody else does. but this shouldn't be the reason to stop writing. Sometimes, painful words from someone help you to be good in your chosen path.

So again I will say, just review only the things you know. It makes your review talking and talking in an honest opinion/

So Why Does Reviewstream Reject Reviews?

You can already answer that question but let me reiterate, reviewstream does simply because you're might reviewing items that people aren't interested in reading it. And how can you find their interest? Do the techniques, scroll over the items listed in the recent searches tab , find their the items that you know you can write about and start making your first review published.

Fell free to comment, share and check my other articles about reviewstream.

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    • profile image

      Aine 4 years ago

      Your tips are really helpful. I've been writing for Reviewstream, and I'm happy that my reviews are being accepted and bought. I may also add that you may want to make your review more helpful - like adding notes and things that are not obvious about the product. And yes, one thing you have to avoid is reviewing products you haven't even tried. How are you supossed to help others if you're not even knowledgeable on what the product is?

    • profile image

      heather 5 years ago

      I just tried it and it rejected every review I wrote.

    • profile image

      alex 6 years ago

      ok will give it a go, just started with review stream.

    • profile image

      R.O.M.E.L.O. 6 years ago

      I did write a few reviews for ReviewStream many months ago but I have yet to make any cash-out because I haven't reached the $50 USD payout. Your tips will definitely help us NOT to get rejected often by