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Why So Hungover Mr. Hermit

Updated on August 29, 2011

Why are you so hungover mr. Hermit...tell us why you can't move from your sandy abode...still and waiting,
You say it's the sun...the way the rays hit your exterior shell...the ocean waves making their mark five feet from your home.

Why are you so damn hungover mr. Hermit...don't you know we're trying to go lay in the sand...the breeze lifting our shirts like palm leaves in salty regions,
Did you say it was the amount of people all around you...the carnivals and the boardwalk games...get up's time to get up.

What do you mean you don't want to get up...the waves are coming closer to your humble abode in the sand...common sense says move mr. Hermit,
It's not happening you say...why isn't it won't make it out alive if you stay'll wait to the last minute mr. Hermit...this is ridiculous.

Mr. Hermit now you move...just in time those waves almost got you...almost took your life...why do you scare all of us like that,
You mean you did it to help us realize the need to help someone...that is crazy but you proved your point...i guess i can't get mad at's a boardwalk fry...I'm leaving.


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