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Why developing a reading culture is important?

Updated on April 17, 2013

I have often heard people saying,he is an avid reader and she is a bookworm.The desire to read should enable us to squeeze in sometime to read from our seemingly busy schedules behind office desks.Reading books enriches the thinking processes of an individual's brain.Reading books can give us a break from that life of binge drinking and drugs.There is a renowned belief that regular reading exercises the brain and is good for health.When one reads the brain uses more oxygen.

A good reading culture takes one away from the gossiping club and gangsters. If one loves books and much time is spend entertained by books for sure chances of that individual resorting to crime are slim.Reading books makes one a better thinker.It improves the span of concentration,vocabulary,memory,and creative skills of an individual.The love for books can make people divergent thinkers.If one wants to be a writer there is no way that person can be an effective writer if allergic to reading.

Children and the elders alike can learn basic speech skills and mastery of a language by falling in love with reading.Reading books can teach people skills for life.One can be a master chef if that individual is eager to read loads of cooking books.One can be a good wordsmith if that person is eager to read other writers work.The more one reads,the better polished sword one becomes.

The love of reading books encourages empathy among readers,as they read about the story of a child who was given a better life after being adopted,the idea of helping others is nursed in them.People can learn to be good citizens from reading books.A good reading culture makes us a literate world.It can make us better communicators and able leaders.One can't be a good manager without reading management books.One can't be an effective scientist without a good reading culture of science books.Books are not there to pollute the environment they are there to enrich our thinking, to entertain us and to teach us new skills.A good reading culture can make us the most civilized humans.It is only a matter of unlocking the potential in you and let's get reading.


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    • samazi profile image

      Masimba Mukichi 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks, Geoffrey Musafu for the sentiments.

    • profile image

      Geoffrey Musafu 4 years ago

      A very nice piece....Loved it!