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Why the DuckFaceee!!!

Updated on January 29, 2013

Think of the Joker in Batman.....

Why the Duckface ladies?? Everybody is asking the same question. My ex-boyfriend used to make a duck face as his pose... WHYYYYY!!!!!!!! So, soo embarrassing. I dont even think he realized it. Maybe he didn't look at his pics like that. Did he think he looked hot?? Just let me tell you guys, I was the first one to make a duckface- well I called it "pouting my lips" - back in 2009. I will post a pic. I got it from one of the Olsen Twins. You know, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen... I hope my readers aren't too young to not know them... Anyways, This is how I write. If you don't like it, move on. I will, of course, write better and high-brow articles in the future. Just had to get this off my chest.

If guys dont like it, why keep doing it, and I'm sure every girl in the world should know this by now... Had anyone seen the duck feet heels that match the duck face?? It was hilarious! I'll see if I can upload that one too. Anyways, it's a Tuesday and I have nothing better to do than just write about annoying duckfaces... Some girls over do it and I am just sick of it... especially the tanned orange chicks with pink lipstick. That doesnt look nice on them. It's a bad look.

So I'm off this!!! Till next time!

I do have a nose though..... :D
I do have a nose though..... :D | Source


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