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Why the Harry Potter series remains an important one

Updated on June 17, 2017

Books in the Harry Potter series

Harry turns 35

Harry turns 35.Yes,the bespectacled wizard who weaved magic around our lives has turned 35 on July 31,2015.According to the book he was born in July 31st,1980.The book was quite a treasure for me while growing up and I am sure it must have been for many of you. So a sheer sense of nostalgia griped me while I was casually breezing through of the books this morning. Harry in no way was the quintessential hero, he always seemed more of a sidekick. But it was his rare faith in friendship that made us root for him. We all wanted to be a part of Griffendore and enroll ourselves in a wizardry course.

Back in time

A decade or more ago, a young wizard transported us to his world not just with magic but with beguiled innocence.This bespectacled lad and his adventures with friends Ron and Hermoine at Hogwarts stirred our imagination like no other. For once we were back to reading and exploring; his tryst was our tryst and his struggle was our struggle and that is how it remained for years. An easily relatable character and a teenager much like us then.

In memory of Potter mania

Seven reasons why it remains the top young adult fiction series of our time.

  • Harry is probably a protagonist who was referred by his first name even before the first film was released. That goes on to show the connection of the readers.
  • The Potter series had a marvellous tale at the core.The premise was comparatively new for the targeted age group.
  • The cliché story line promoted by other books has been broken and done so successfully. Many other fiction series with dysfunctional protagonist that followed it, could do so because of it's shinning legacy.
  • Another summit that it scaled was bringing back the fable style to writing. The high moral ground was also set for it's young readers to follow suite.
  • The shimmering simplicity of the protagonist filled our minds and deep friendship that developed with the progress of the series.
  • Our hero was a school boy and school didn't remain a mundane place anymore.
  • The most noted fact: we went back to reading or at least desired it.

New book in the block

Seven books ,err eight strictly and eight films later, we just can't have enough of them. Now our beloved Harry is back, this time with adventures of his son, Albus. The new book is actually a print version of a play, famously called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The play has been showcased in London.


Believe it or not, Albus befriends Sirius Malfoy, yes Draco's son. Despite their fathers infamous relationship, their bond seems pretty strong.


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