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Widetusi Wearing a Bramble Skirt

Updated on November 6, 2010
Widetusi Wearing a Bramble Skirt
Widetusi Wearing a Bramble Skirt | Source

The 1959 MGM film popularized the supposed ‘Watusi’ as native African tribal guardians of King Solomon’s mines. But, in fact, the proper name for the indigenous ethnic group of Central Africa is Tutsi. (Watusi is actually an alternate name for the Tutsi’s large-horned Ankole cattle, which have been bred on the dark continent for millennia.)

Here we see a member of the variant tribal group known, for perhaps obvious reasons, as the Widetusi. Members of the Widetusi are of significantly broader build than their Tutsi cousins, often being as wide as they are tall, with very thick and splayed limbs.

Widetusi are also extremely strong and hardy, as evidenced by their cheetah-hide capes, and their traditional skirts and loincloths formed of spiky brambles. (It is not uncommon for young Widetusi to lose a pint or more of blood upon donning their first bramble garment during their coming-of-age celebration, the AAAAH-EEEEE-YOOO-HAH-EEE-NEEE-OOOWWWWW-YAH!


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