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Will We Ever Agree

Updated on June 22, 2012

Rebel against you, the child in me

All grown up, why can't you see

Tired of your tests, just let me be

Father, Father, will we ever agree


Strength instilled in the likes of she

Cast the bait and thrown to sea

Destinies plan is far from free

Father, Father, will we ever agree


Designated player to your emcee

Price too high with a crushing fee

Losing it all by your holy decree

Father, Father, will we ever agree


On guard, unsure, runaway, I flee

Benevolent ruler holds the master key

Predestined for what I can't foresee

Father, Father, will we ever agree


No bargaining the rent for the lessee

No reprieve for the weary beneath a tree

Got to be pure love without any debris

Father, Father, will we ever agree


Hierarchy that holds me an abductee

Ball's in your court, you are the marquis

Demands nothing less than abject we

Father, Father, will we ever agree


Have mercy your subjects cop a plea

Didn't ask for life with no guarantee

The thief of hearts remains trustee

Father, Father, will we ever agree


Actually, You did do the Same

I Do Believe

I'm human. Even the strongest among us doubt, when we are put to the tests of unrelenting loss. Just like the adolescent who rails against what their parents believe is best, we learn through trials that hold our feet to the fire. We come to our own conclusions in our own way in our own time.

Choosing the video to illustrate the point of my piece provided a powerful, personal revelation. I hadn't heard this song in a long time, yet randomly chose it, while perusing my memory bank. Bruno Mars message sings what he would do for his loved one, which I chose to convey what I would do for mine. When I got to the words that make up the refrain, it made me cry. I was struck by the words "You won't do the same". It was a profound message to me that, as the faithful believe, our creator gave his life for everyone of us. My intent is not to preach, but relay what feels like a miracle to me....a personal reminder that I am not forgotten. I am valued enough to receive a personal message from a higher power.

Sometimes it's easy to be overwhelmed by life, to lose sight of all the good, when bad things happen. God knows, I will keep trying to focus on the good and do what I can to make the bad better.


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