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Will the Love You Give Be Reciprocated the Same?

Updated on April 16, 2020
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Finding my inspiration through short stories, voice of music and poetry.

There once was a girl named Niri, she lived in a middle sized home, with a beautiful family being the second child of four siblings. They were a very close knit family, with Niri being the second child and in her nature she always felt the sense to protect and take care of her three siblings.

Niri never bothered about a lavish lifestyle and always sought ways of making life’s expenses an easier one for her parents. She was a very quiet but assertive and strong individual when faced to the test.

When her siblings fought, she felt the hurt and always tried to mend in order to keep the bond she appreciated dearly.

The years went by quickly, eventually Niri was at the age of settling in on new found love that she built on from day one, honouring and loving her better half, his name Vee. He was greeted as a son and given the warmest welcome to the family.

It was time she met her better half family as he had met hers. There were many mixed feelings to what she was used to with her loving family to what she experienced to her welcome.

The day she entered the doors of what she expected to be a warm welcome, she was snubbed by Vee's dad, who looked in her direction but walked right passed her with arrogance in his eyes.

"Hello", Niri greeted as he went by, but she was ignored, immediately started to feel awkward and out of place.

Vee's parents were divorced, though his dad believed in arranged married as was his parents and being the second of three siblings. He had always warned her about his family dynamics being much different. She pictured this equivalent to what she had been used to, therefore being ignorant, it was new to her.

Vee's mum saw Niri and ran up to greet her with a sparkle of excitement gleaming in her eye's, she was finally getting to meet the girl Vee had shared many stories about their love for one another.

Vee was very upset by his father's approach and went to speak with him. "I don't care who she is," said Vee's dad, "I have already explained that I will choose a partner for you, she must leave immediately before I throw her out."

"Yes, dad, you did," Vee said, "but I explained to you, how much I love her," continued to go on, "she completes me, dad."

"Don't you disrespect me. I will never accept her, she is not my child," Vee's dad shouted, "you will stay away from her or you will be disregarded from our family and that's final." His father just about raising his hand to Vee.

Knowing he couldn't get through to his father any further, took blessings from his mother grabbed Niri while wiping away the tears from his eyes and walked off.

That was the turning point to all of Niri's fire filled hopes and dreams of being married off to another family, flames gone off in smoke.

Vee could not sway what his heart wanted, would of loved for his father to be more forthcoming to how traditions have changed in every generation, however Vee's dad continued to be with the old school mentality.

Vee wanted to move far away from the hurt, start a new life, and take along his one true love that had been his pillar, no one realised what Niri had done for him in turning his life around for the good, besides his mother. Vee’s father chose to ignore the good in her as arranged marriage was a tradition in the family. Niri was deeply saddened to the circumstance, as she had to leave her loving family that were so close knit for the betterment of them both starting a life together.

Though Niri's parents always dreamt of giving their daughter a well celebrated send off, respected Niri and Vee's wishes for a small wedding with the attendance of Vee's mum together with some members of his family members excluding his dad, refused to attend and never answered all of Vee's calls.

A few years had passed, though they kept in contact with the family, Vee still hurt from the abruptness of the situation with his father.

Until the one day, he felt the urge to contact his father, wanting to give it another try. Within seconds his father answered the call, crying and uttered his disappointment to the way he had performed as a father. "Sometimes we forget as adults, how to think rationally, and it took a child to point out my childish behaviour," Vee's father cried, "son, you have a wonderful wife, sorry I couldn't see it through my stubbornness."

Vee teared and said, “I am glad I gave you space to gather your thoughts, and have a good conversation that I so longed for,” Vee continued with tear filled eyes, “All we ever wanted was your love, respect and blessing as a parent and today you have made my wish a reality.”

© 2020 Mitara N


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