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Wine & Rhyme

Updated on June 3, 2016

Poetry Attempt #1

Tucked in - in the night
The morning comes and we rise
Check my reflection 
in the mirror 
Rub the dreams from my eyes
I fill my head with thoughts
As I RUSH to fight the time
I plead a peaceful moment
As if it were a crime

What is peace to me?
How to describe it now-a-day?
No sound & no walls
No plans with no say
Still life surrounds me
With drops of green & blue
If the choice sat beside me
It's not what i'd do

I scream clear my mind
Though this chatter sets me straight
Reflecting on all i'm capable 
Reminds me to create
Turns visions into hope 
So now that's all I see
Turns hope into dream
Always expecting more from me 

The night is here again
So i'll toss & i'll turn
A lesson on myself 
The things that I learn

Though I BEG for peace
I know I might of lied
My mind does not think simple 
It's never satisfied

Source of inspiration:

A marker10013 -
New York, NY 10013, USA
get directions


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