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Winter/A Love Poem

Updated on June 11, 2013

I sit in the shadows before dawn on a winter day. Cold hands, cold heart, in much dismay. Can't sleep yet I close my eyes and feel the breeze. I have no desire to be inside, I want to freeze. I care not that the cold air numbs. In the shadows till daylight comes

What is love? An emotion? Stirs up happiness in a potion. Something so rare no other feeling can compare. A special thing that two can share. A word that holds so much meaning. It's funny how it leaves you dreaming. Love, something wanted by everyone. Searching for it, each man and woman.

What is love? A joke? When it all goes up in smoke. A silly game that causes pain. The tears are invisible in the rain. Just a word that has no meaning. It's funny how its so deceiving. Love, something I don't need. Felt it deep in my heart but now I bleed. They can say I love you, but it's not true. Because when things go wrong what do they do? They always give up so easily. Can't see it through and want to be free. Broken hearts and promises. This is what love really is.


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