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Wise Man's Vision

Updated on January 9, 2020
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As a philosophy Elijah's wisdom's made his poetic side reared its head while attempting to write his life story during his transitioning.

Wise Man's Vison

After ascending the mountain of enlightenment wise man
looked through the four directions to see what was there.
For several rounds they looked ensuring themselves so
when they shared with others their revelation would be fair.

Upon descending, after the people got accustomed to their
strangeness, many gather around to know the vision seen.
The reply was: all things past and future, the law of Karma,
the ends and new beginnings, and how lost man are redeemed.

Each turn through the directions presented them with an
alternate scene all having a beginning from a single place
where man were hairy with femininity to masculinity balanced in each,
no recognition of opposites, and the family was the whole race.

That was followed by the Adam Concept where Yang and Yin became
imbalance, bodies lost hair, territory claimed, and one gender ruled the other.
By settling in territories the climates changed their skin's color
causing those with same color to called themselves brother.

The first territorial man were in the east whose loss hair left Yellow.
Those going west covered in winter and were bare in summer became Red.
Others went into the warm south and naked in the sun are called Black.
The north goers stayed covered and for the lacked sun are White, it's said.

First quarter turn Yellowman rules, the next quarter it's Redman,
the third quarter is Blackman, and the cycle's destroyers are White.
A few man survive to return to nature and become hairy once again
to begin the next cycle with the opposite gender having the ruling right.

When boys rule man are materialistic, their bodies are weakened
by excessive use of their goods, themselves they made mechanically.
When girls rule man use their bodies doing what boys' mechanical
devices did and the excessive use weakens them quite differently.

In the cycles there were guardians but, as most man can't accept,
there was no god nor devil did ever appear.
Teaching man to obey a god no man can know except through
it's spokesman made most man to submit to man rulers is clear.

Reincarnation was there, with Karma holding the reigns,
to control rebirth and where in the cycle each life will appear.
Supply and Demand were there, under Karma, determining the form
the lifes should take, plant, animal, and man with a career.

Good nor Evil were there, everything had its place
and time for functioning as they must for the cycle to remain.
So everything was formed by many different cycles, the tiniest to
the greatest, and Time measured the Cycles over and over again.

© 2020 Elijah A Alexander Jr


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