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Wise Mouths Can Bring Peace, Pleasure, or Plague

Updated on December 17, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Many of my hubs originate from my teenage years and those past twenty. Some pieces were funny. Some were sad,.Some were down right scary.

This man's mouth is not beautiful.
This man's mouth is not beautiful. | Source

It Works Like This

when one begins to study the human body, as well as the animal body which includes birds, creatures who crawl, and those creatures who live in the seas--I would wager and win that you have never in your life once thought about your mouth, have you? Shame, shame, shame. Maybe it is time for you and I to be noted students and pick-up a book about Mouths, and pray for God to help us keep our mouths shut because “motor mouthing” can easily be thought of a know-it-all. I for one will never have such a title put around my neck.

Mouths, if you haven’t thought of it, is in that area of being one of the most important “tools”, as it were, that could ever be given to any human being. Why did I say “tools?” Simply because our mouths , if used wisely, can bring us happiness as well as more wisdom and the more wisdom we get can help us solve some of life’s numerous mysteries. One such mystery that still stands is: do the old radio shows still reach to ears in some alien force in outer space?

Compare this girl's mouth to the man's mouth above.
Compare this girl's mouth to the man's mouth above. | Source

What Really Does Your Mouth

stand for? Okay. Status, that is if your nose is as prominent as Prince Charles or his sons. Ever take a gander at their noses? Straight up and looking beyond common people. This is not a bash on them, just the way that they were raised. A mouth, and I think this often, does not know just how important “it” is. Think of it. Our mouths when opened too wide allows another unruly member of our body that can cause even more confusion: our tongue. But without our mouth being open, a tongue is helpless. So I feel that our tongue and mouth must have a positive working relationship.

God, our Creator, put our mouths our faces so spoons and forks of great food could enter our mouth with no friction. But sometimes the less-manner able people will chew their food with mouths open and cause themselves a lot of embarrassment while laughing at us like some wild hyena. Our mouth is able to fly open when we witness a surprising event such as a bully getting beaten-up by some wimp who the bully has harassed them for days. Our mouths can also fly open at the sight of a pretty girl, a plate of thick pork chops, sitting in the driver’s seat of a brand-new car or truck. Or when the automotive service shop bills us for twice the work they did when they only did one car’s oil change.

Other Facts About The Mouth Are . . .

  • Told by an angry person if we do not shut-up, they will “mash or mouth.” Too harsh if you ask me.

  • Yelled by a short-tempered boss, “open your mouth one more time, ‘Wadkins,’ or be fired!”

  • One of the biggest money-making hoaxes are mouth wash companies. I know. I have used all types of mouth wash and no matter how much I use . . .my mouth is still there.

  • People have told others “leave the car engine alone, smart mouth!” Then a fight breaks out and then the car owner is sued by “Lewis,” the car mechanic who was once a heavyweight boxer.

  • The Bible has a lot to say about mouths. If a person does not talk much and keeps his mouth shut, he is then considered a wise person. But if they continue to ramble on and on, they are looked upon as a fool.

  • My final (and best point) is: mouths were made for kissing women who were blessed with full, pouty, red lips. Guys, do you want to argue with me about this one?

Quiz: is this a woman or man's mouth?
Quiz: is this a woman or man's mouth? | Source

Facts About Men’s and Women’s Mouths . . .

  • Personally, a woman’s mouth looks a lot better with or without lipstick, but comparing a man’s mouth and a woman’s mouth, I tell you the truth that a woman’s mouth looks so much better.

  • If a man and a woman are in a crowd, say a crowded bar, it is the woman every time who can get the bartender’s attention simply by making her mouth look so inviting and friendly. The man, on the other hand, will end-up getting a beating by the bouncers who look for such behavior.

  • If a man tries to open his mouth (in fear) to signal that he needs help, well, the man had best pack a whistle that he can use to get help, but in a woman’s case, she has much better lungs and when she opens her mouth to yell, it is so much sharper and is very shrill and her help will come-a running

Stupid Things Not to Do With Your Mouth . . .

  • Fill your mouth with sharp needles, then try to use your mouth as a machine gun and shoot the needles like bullets—and while only a sutpid person would even try this one, they can cause severe injury to their tongues as well as their mouths.

  • Do not make bird calls with your jaws that flap like a circus tent. At elite social parties, one should never do this, and the one who is making the bird calls can end-up with raw mouths on the inside of their jaws.

  • Try kissing your hot girlfriend with your mouth opened as wide as the Hoover Dam in Arizona. No sensible young lady will stay much longer if a stupid man continues to make this maneuver and then say, “awww, ‘Shelly,’ I was only trying to make you laugh—I love you so much.” Welcome to Lonely Avenue.

  • On a dare in front of a crowd, NEVER attempt to hold a mouthful of extremely-deadly dessert scorpions that can kill a man with one sting. I beg you. Do not do this. Even “Shelly,” your ex-girlfriend, will beg you to not do such an insane act.

  • The last point: our mouth can bring us a lot of unwanted trouble. Walk up to a gang of Hell’s Angels and open your mouth and say clearly . . .”I see that there seems to be 76 people here, so what I am going to do is whip all of your butts all by myself.”

“Shelly” and I will show-up at the hospital room where you are staying.

December 16, 2019______________________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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