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With A Dreamy Eyed Smile.

Updated on December 1, 2009

With a dreamy eyed smile.......

......poets write
reams of dreams
as their consciousness streams
they capture the gleams
of their dreamy eyed smile
what each poet deems
to be the main themes
they wish to convey
is scribbled away
they fill books
with the essence
of the unreal made life
and of facts made unreal
words spell what they feel
in a flow that appeals
fantasy is truly
an island nestled
in the depression
of one's pillow
and heads dip there
in the cool shadows
and wallow in the
loveliest of realms
till life again becomes
the interruption of dreams
with reality at the helm
we struggle to daily work
our way back towards
or at long last into
our dreams for you see
sleep is a bit
of heaven on Earth
where the soul
feels rebirth
in the same way that
an orgasm is a tiny bit
of what heaven must be like
all the time
exquisite..intensly unique!!
we only get a taste
of better worlds
when we sleep
we creep ...deep
into the keep where
all the woulda..coulda
shoulda beens are revealed
we incorporate fantasies
and dreams into our
daily encounters as
daydream believers
entering dreamy eyed states
even while in the world
of the awake
stress relievers
to all daytime recievers
then at nights fall
the sand man's magic grains
each tiny misshaped ball
ferments in our eyes
and reaches our brain
and leaves a stain
that is indelible
each night the flight
of dreams and fantasies
ignites delight or fright
of things never thought of
beyond all that is imagined
so often we love to dream
but sadly many dream to love
it is a route
away from the sorrow
of today and the
questions of tomorrow
all absorbed gently
in the soft fluff
of a lovely dream
cascading down upon us.




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