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Get Out Of Your Own Way...

Updated on April 25, 2015
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Life is not always fair and people are not always compassionate. I wrote this poem many years ago when I was going through. One thing that I learned about life is that everyone is not always receptive about our victories in reference to things that we have overcome. This poem was written about that experience...


So many things present themselves in life

Sometimes we move too fast and entrap ourselves

Traps that we later regret.

But how can we stop the adrenalin flow once it's started

A volcano watched or unwatched always erupts.

Underhanded abuse is merely an ingredient of life

If inner peace is not harnessed a stumble will surely follow.

Obstructions constantly mount

They must be removed or movement is altered.

If this movement is done abusively we will create for ourselves a new trap.

Time passes and payment is rendered

A new frame of mind has now been created

One of inner peace so long sought after.

Our gentleness of mind can radiates from within to out

It can be seen by all

But the minds of others do not forget.

Some for the sake of destroying the peace they have not captured for self try to destroy our new found joys.

Don't take away my shovel

Permit me to bury the past.

My hands are raw with the calluses of the graves I've dug.

Neatly burying all negative things that will interfere with the peace of others as well as self.

The cold black earth no longer stain my hands,

My god permits me to feel his beauty of approval.

Why has others not as great as he taken it upon themselves to remove the soil ?

Why is the shovel taken from my hands ?

Have I not done my job well ?

Don't take away my shovel

Permit me to bury the past.

My back aches with pain

My hands are splintered from the shovel forcefully removed.

Don't take away my shovel

Permit me to bury the past.

I may never be able to keep the soil in place

It is constantly being removed.

My inner peace refuses to be disturbed

It has found a peaceful home within me.

Do take away my shovel;

I need not bury the past.

Peace excepts both good and bad

Fondling it gently to learn the lesson that will not be repeated.

Yes, take away my shovel

I need not bury the past.


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