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Within the Realms of Creation

Updated on August 8, 2011

at first i saw an angel

a cherub hewn of stone

come alive, bursting forth

others saw a troll

an old mage, with a long beard

and then I saw it, too

the trees in the distance

reached tall to the dimpled moon

and clouds reached out

like long fingers

guiding my eyes

around the starry skies

i rose ten feet tall

almost touched the sky

my body dissolved

around my expanisive soul

all noise was embodied by one

the rhythm of life taking a sigh

i lost myself for a moment


a curious child playing

on a pedastal of colors

above a spiraling staircase

i saw demons and laughed

at their silly fears -- and exaggerated faces

and heard whispers all around

of other souls finding peace of mind

'hellloooo" i whispered into

the bright abyss, more of a mist

they answered my games

connected to that internal child

for a moment i was alice in wonderland

experiencing the sensations of soul

within a body, inside a realm

and then my lover came

our souls embraced

swimming in a perfection

that needed nothing more

we jumped up and down

and from there the story begins

in fact is neverending

i was a cat, long and stretched out

in a forest inside a house

finding bliss -- in simple solitude

and those of others

connected and separate

like part of a whole

I saw a soul search within

bring death to his innocent face

I knew then we're all the same

lost within -- trying to find our sin

reaching out now and then

a clan of demons

seated themselves within a tree

shaped in the form of a shroom

each one a fear I sought

to overcome -- I laughed

not to dwell in their beauty

for surely I would be overcome

I ran barefoot through the

wet grass -- and knew

their roots stretched out

far beneath the earth

connected in a bond

that transceded that plane

I ran, I played

I did sommersaults in the sand

and as my feet landed

on the solid ground

I knew then that all was possible

and true freedom was a state of mind

Robin Coe is a journalist and author. She wrote the fantasy novel "Fly on the Wall" and graphic novel "Illustrated Book of Wrath".

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    • profile image

      joekreydt 6 years ago

      this poem is great! i enjoy seeing quality poetry on hubpages. and i agree about true freedom being a state of mind. more people need to realize that. question: is this about an experience on drugs?