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Updated on July 31, 2019
Mother and Child (detail from The Three Ages of Woman) c.1905  Gustav Klimt
Mother and Child (detail from The Three Ages of Woman) c.1905 Gustav Klimt


A mother, sister, lover, friend

Joyful times and sadness fills her

Times in memory

Times in the now

Holding hands

Small ones

Strong ones

A head on her shoulder

On her lap

Her ears yearn to listen

Her heart longs to help

To love

To just be

A love of life

Of experiences

Her heart beats hard and strong

Little miss curious

Mind always racing

Cherishing the small

Cradling the old

Joyous reflection in the back of her mind

Hectic, stressed

Calm, relaxed, bored?


A “mommy” rings in her ears

Loud and warm

“I love you” dances upon her soul

Venturing out into the world

Wind that carries her

Water, that which she can ride

Who is she?

She wonders

"How can I find me?"

Confusion like sobs

Racking her chest

She feels weak

She is determined

Honesty, she seeks

She appreciates

Holds on to

She is petrified

Of what might come to be

She worries

She understands

Perhaps too much

So used to the pain

Occasional emptiness

A burden heavy and long

Her life is uncontrollable

Yet in the dense thick fog

She searches

And within her heart

Underneath her pain

The drama

Happiness flutters inside her

Like an orange butterfly

Optimism claws deep within her

Hope renewed and lifted

The vast life she leads

Friendships, so good, delightful

Her soul is free

Love for all

Sweetness in the people she cares for

In the world she lives

To be with child

To leave an imprint

To savor a moment

Just beginning



For the core of this thing called


Soft and beautiful…

-Jemile Bata

Mother and Child  /Frederick Leighton
Mother and Child /Frederick Leighton

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