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Women want A Auto-Mated- Man

Updated on June 24, 2009


Women always complaining that they want a good man,

My interpretations, (Women is looking for a A.T.M Man,

Not a roommate,

Not a life partner,

But a Auto-mated man, a rich man,

With plenty Money.

Women around the world, love money.

And have a tendency of begging especially Caribbean Women,

But when it comes to the Honey,

They cutting back, and yelling

It's a recession,

Seem more like regression,

....................................................................................................Is it all about the recession or

is it.


I visited my sister the other day,

Oh! gosh uhmn, man! l got a lots to say,

Sister l love you so,

But they is times when you have to let go,

You never stand by your man,

Yet you kept saying, that you need a good man,

You want a good man,(decent hard working man)

Now You see this sister, Now you see

That why you always in confusion, with Tyson".

This is the reason you always gets burn"

You never seem to learn

My home boy /man Tyson is a good provider,

and a darn good Contractor,

Working all day digging ditches,

All along those rail road, and those tunnel

and bridges,

And it's shame to see your man have abide by your rules,

Know wonder why some men always referred some women to (bitches or witches).

Do you see where I am coming from, or going with this,

This kind of shit was going on too long,

Now you hear me,

Now you see me

Now you can't take the man for a fool.

Tyson,(Man) The beast got out,

The beast was release!

Tell me when l finish with this,

If it about recession,

Or just plain worldly Crap,

Why some women deserved that slap!!

He Gave her money,

She cut back on the honey,

He try to compromise,

She served the hard working man French Fries,

Most of the time burnt rice,

And this is know lies,

What did she used the food money for,

To buy more hair dyes...

Tyson it's a recession

Tyson it's a recession,

You kept yelling....

If you cut back on my money

You Said...

you  will cut back on your honey,

If  he  do not gave you  gas money

No pork, no pork


Now tell me ladies,

You forget your wifely  duties,

What happen to your bedroom duties,

Nothing happening between the sheet,

Do not joke with a man pork or beef

Neither is Sports channels, Playboy Magazines,

His wet sport illustrated theme.. or the girly, girly

Hot babes, more babes, on any Magazines,

His food, his cars don't be a fool,

Or you will get Screw!!..........

Don't served a hard working man French fries,

Please rationalize those white lies,

About not having anything to cooked for Dinner,

But frozen French Fries,

Enough of those White lies,

Feed it to the flies

Yes it's recession,

Don't expect big moderation

Tyson busted a fuse,

Everyone now yelling worldly

abuse!, abuse!, abuse!

Domestic, abuse,

How ignorant, unnecessary turbulence!!!!!!!!!!!

As my main man Tyson toss that Tureen (lol)!!!!!

And are you sure it's right to blame it on the recession,

Why not regression,

It was almost 4'oclock my sister didn't even put on the pot,

know consideration, lots of old fashion botheration,

How can a brother, simplify , modify a situation like this,

My sister probably deserved an old fashion, (whopping)

Not condemning, or justify this kind behaviour,

But my sister was glued to the tube"

All day in her skirt, all day



But Girlfriends your men's need more than Burnt Rice,

So think twice,

Before my sister go and prepared a Gourmet meal

and forget about Ridges and Brookes

and go and cook.

...even if she used a simple cook book......

Tyson don't play games, when it come to his food

Especially after working so hard all day,

And coming home to empty pot and pans,

He deserved better Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He given you plenty of money,

Sister,and you cutting " back on the honey

He try to compromise,

She kept serving the man French fries,

Now you, all see, why men have to cuss and fuss",

So, tell me ladies, what really is your duties,

Tell me ladies,

what's happening to the bedroom duties?


My sister l am trying to be discreet....

Tyson is my main man,

He said to me.. that know action between the sheets,

"But l am telling you my sister,

Some women deserved some old fashion".


I am not a womanizers,

or condemning this or even{ justifying the licks,}

But some women deserves some good (kicks)

You said that you want a good man,

Probably the ATM man,

A man who can give you lots spending money,

A man who will put up with your nonsense,

You said that you want a good man

And you got a good man,,

But do you know how to keep him

And one day you going to lose him,

With all your nonsense.............................So my

One and only sister, "it wasn't right that Tyson,

And you had this terrible fight last night,.. But

two wrongs.. don't make a right,...

You only see Tyson as a money man,your ATM Man,

Your vision of him , is the  sign of Green Paper (money)

And him standing there like the Automated MACHINE in the Bank Corner,

So stop yelling Bloody Murderrrrrrrrrrr!! Sister,

Only caress and touch Tyson gets from you,

Is when he is reaching in his pocket to hand you his Wallets,

And you reached for it so quick,

Just like how you're doing right now......., with that weis buick...

I believed in the old fashioned way,

A woman must obey,

A woman must be there for her man,

A woman must understand, that man is a happy man,

When his need is fullfilled, and his stomach is contented,

With a big juicy steak, and he sit down on his crouch and strathes

His butts.





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    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 6 years ago from NewYork

      Zabbella thank you for stopping by and commenting

      one love Annie

    • Zabbella profile image

      Zabbella 6 years ago from NJ-USA

      Thought provoking words!!

      I knew a woman who did not appreciate her hard working man. Yes, she liked the ATM aspect of it but he had to go by her rules. He could not smoke or drink in his own home. (which can really drive a man into someone else's arms) She also used to pick fights with him and then pick up her kid and place the child between them. Very unfair things that some women do.

    • profile image

      mikeq107 6 years ago

      Great hub loved it modern day hearld poet!!!!

    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 8 years ago from NewYork

      Exactly we need respect as much as women does>>> thanks for your comment

      appreciated .....

    • profile image

       8 years ago

      Little long dude but gets the point across... Men want to be treated like Men .... Tell us what you want don't play. Girls think the world goes around them poor guy worked so hard to have it pulled from under him deceptive kiss. Well call that love .... but in the real world we call it gold diggers... I wish girls would go for real rich men that did not care but us midle class and lower class people should no have to put up with that.

    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 8 years ago from NewYork

      Tyson build that spa, one of his hard working jobs..