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Updated on September 3, 2013

While I wander through this life and learn all I can learn.

The lessons I have faced this day leave my soul to yearn.

What meaning does this life have? What plans are there for me?

Do I have a part in this like river mount or tree?

Is this life meant to sling us far to our immortal tress,

Or is this life meant to bind us all into happiness?

What meaning does the heart include in this great plan divine?

What is my part? When is my day? When am my love to find?

Or is this life intended, to bring my love to pass,

To share it with all those in need as they wander past?

With hurt and pain, war and gain, being the only way,

So many know of this life’s meaning surely brings us shame.

This life is meant to shape us into what we soon shall be.

Eternal beings living same as we here wish to be.

Without the anger strife and fear that this life has to offer,

How can we be sure to survive it without the need to suffer?

We can’t, we can’t, avoid these things. It’s life’s lesson to crawl.

And progressing past the stars we see, potential lies in all.

Kari Shinal-Copyright-Nov. 2006


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