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Silence Exists

Updated on February 14, 2020
Harishprasad profile image

Harish Mamgain is fond of the craft of writing. He loves poetry.

Silence Exists

On the way, across the road
I saw a huge old tree
Now almost dead
Wilted wood staggers
Trunk hollow like a cave
As a decrepit building
About to collapse
I wonder what life it lived
How it faced onslaughts of time
Sapling till it turned senile
I think of the guy who planted it with love
Little boys and girls who enjoyed swings
Naughty kids who climbed it , ate fruits
Serene shadows savored by souls exhausted
Wish it were a guy like you and me
And would smile and give some hugs
Could talk to me for awhile
And tell the tale any day
The guys, men and women
All it met and touched their lives
Felt their joys, sorrows, suspicions
All losses and their gains
What they whispered to stars
What they went through in anguish
This tree is dead to all good and bad
To all tales it heard from the guys
The scenes of scuffles it watched
Laughter and smiles, anger and hates
Soon the wood will wither away
And merge into the earth
And with it the moments
It cheered and cherished
Everything past and present
Will vanish into nothing
Never to be seen again by anyone
Never to be thought upon by anyone
There'll be only silence to tell tales

Silence exists

I can't see all that moments
With my mortal senses
Maybe someday we could penetrate
And could travel in time
Back to ages,back to lost lives
Hear sounds in the air
And could tell the tales
Of people and things
Remained mute in time
Never written about in books
Never talked about in gatherings
Like the forlorn tree, guys come and go
I saw the tree and talked about it
I thought about it all the way
In the moments that slipped away
Locked away in the black box
Winds of time blew away them all
Mundane we call all those moments
Never to be given a damn look
Things and guys appear and disappear
Why do I think about them in vain
About a tree who would be out of sight
Such trifle thoughts never come to earthly guys
Like some dross, they occur to our eyes
Each triumph 'll turn into trash, knows everyone
Till the heart throbs in the bosom, all play exists
Things and guys 'll be loved till the thread goes
No one cares when withered and gone
Things, trees and guys
Wonder in my mind
Keeps my sight galloping
From moment to moment
One thing to the other
One guy to the other
Many questions arise
But only silence stares at me


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