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Wondering If You Could Hear

Updated on January 1, 2013

The only thing that used to make sense to me was you.

The words that you said stayed with me long after you left,

The way you made me understand, your jokes, your advice, your care and you.

We argued about everything but you never raised a voice nor left.

I would agree to everything you said cause it showed you cared,

I would never go wrong because you were there.........

If at all I ever go wrong you looked at me and just starred,

Saying, "I told you but its ok I shall make it square!"

Time moved on and we made a long way through,

But things don't seem to be as they always did!

The change was slow I didn't have a clue.......

I feel you stopped doing things that you did!

We still argue or at least I feel so.........

You still don't raise a voice because we hardly talk.............

We do meet but soon its time to go,

You with me but you already gone,its just about getting up and starting walk!

We still talk but its not about anything...........

Its a filler till the time you have practically left!

I have missed a great part of you, or may be something..........

I remember I mentioned it and this time you left!

You say its the same thing over and over again,

That why it has to happen why when it hurts both of us..............

You know, I don't cause it. Why won't you solve this before I'm compelled to say it again!

If I talk about this more I shall miss my bus!

The point is you, I know that you love me more than anything you have ever known,

And I know this though this is something you have never shown!

I know life is busy and it moves very fast,

That all that, that used to happen is now past!

In the passing time,in the middle of everything that now occupies your mind,

I want to feel once things I used to feel with you or at least of that kind.

You wont know if i wont tell, its that plain!

But if I say this doesn't mean that i complain!

I'll get used to it like one gets with every thing else,

But I'm afraid it shall harm more than it shall cure itself.

Its ok that you don't listen to this dear,

Wondering if you could at least hear!


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