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Woodstoves And Wonders.

Updated on January 31, 2010

When sleep's roused

in the wee hours

cause our fire

needs a tending,

I unwrap my

arms around you,

and shuffle

'cross cold floors.

But I pause to

gaze upon you,

in the soft rays

of the moonlight,

still beset by

quivers of wonder,

that you actually share

this bed I've made.

Toss some hickory

cross the orange coals,

as the sparks

they go to flying,

back to snuggle

close beside you,

as you wink, and

smooth our nest.

Are we not

woodstoves of wonder

looking to be

filled with love

nightly as the

passion burns on

till the dawn and

brings dreams fulfilled.




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    • MFB III profile image

      MFB III 7 years ago from United States

      Yeah, It seems like the ones the editors here assign only one $ sign do well. But I like the wee hours of night, with

      all the warmth both artificial and real that it can offer. ~~~MFB III

    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 7 years ago

      :) I think this is my favorite.