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Updated on March 21, 2012

Words via my mind

I start out slow and begin to formulate

A concoction of words that swerve and mutate

Into an idea, concept that might change your fate, but wait

I got more to say, I’m destroying the clichés that we construct

While the words you read make your brain want to self-destruct

Imagine my voice while you’re reading this sentence

The sound coming from my vocal cords somehow in your presence

We as humans underestimate the power of our minds

Try using yours now and watch how it unwinds

This what I express in every syllable I virtually write

It doesn't matter if its dawn or late in the night

I explore my mind's depths and thoughts I excavate

I don't stop until I find that which will hydrate

The senses of us humans that we all operate

So when you move your eyes over every letter from left to right

Know that this is made to feed your insatiable appetite

The one that makes you wake up in the middle of the night

So there you go, here it is, come forward and take a bite


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    • ilymsvicky profile image

      ilymsvicky 5 years ago from Long Beach

      Wow! Very intriguing and quiet tasty :-)!