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Words Possessing Pseudo Meanings

Updated on July 30, 2014

How Green Was This Dream?

LEAVES-229805_6 | Source

The Leaves Turn Green With Envy

A sensual breeze gently massages the leaves of the tall aging trees near the babbling summer brook. Some of the trees lengthy branches wave as if they recognized a familiar face in the crowded growth. Spring has already sprung, its buds now passe, don a greenish coat. Light from the heavens pierce the scene as if an artist was present, painting every last leafy green detail with a stroke of her brush. This light, an angel from God, blesses the rocks, the water, and the stir of life inhabiting this emerald forest. Under the clouds' protective dome, the birds soar to tremendous heights joining the choir of their other feathery companions in harmonious twitter. Solitude roams the earthy paths and takes into account the serene environment. A paradise to behold for the weekend hiker. Squirrels perform acrobatic feats in search for food and shelter. Caution is their way of movement. They are perfectionists when it comes to not disturbing any other forms of life including nests housing the unborn. A disheveled, scrawny looking fox trots by with an air of arrogance about him. He may be scrawny, but he knows that he can outrun any canine in a wild chase.

Dawn Of A New Thought Wave

Author: Gary M. Stotz
Author: Gary M. Stotz | Source

To Be Or Not To Be And Act Naturally

Compare the imagination to the skills of an actor. Depending upon what role the actor undertakes, acting skills, time and hard work need to be set into action. For instance: envision Shakespeare's Hamlet undergoing his melancholy like dilemma regarding the marriage of his mother, the queen to that scoundrel of an uncle with murderous tendencies. An actor portraying Hamlet must have the energy, emotion and possess the talent to convince the audience that, for the moment, he is indeed Hamlet. On the other hand "Act Naturally" is a song written by Carl Perkins. Its storyline is about an ordinary dude with no training in acting is cast in a movie. The punchline is: "All he has to do is act naturally". Creativity and imagination can be incorporated into one and the end result is a happy marriage for both.

"Motivation sparks the creative flame into action", fantasized Marcia. "If I open the gates of my talent, I plant the seed and the garden flourishes". There she sat on her favorite rock near the watery stream with pen and paper in hand.

Empower The Gentle Wind Of Imagination

Author: mconnors
Author: mconnors | Source

Winds Of Change

The winds of change unleashed the beast from its prison to run wildly on the pages of Marcia's journal. The paradise of the shady environment inspired her creativity to be born. The dam of writer's block was broken. Never was there such a tidal wave of imaginative thought translated in written words. Her lovely blue eyes could not believe what was happening! A sense of pride overtook her. Her senses felt the pleasure as if she were riding on a quickly rotating amusement park ride. These feelings of hers were primal. The page was filled with words plus words plus words which equaled creative thought. Amazement filled her heart and her head. Yes writing talent was stored in this woman's brain.

Footsteps trekked along the dusty path that Marcia walked. This minor disturbance caused Marcia to turn her head towards the sound and listen. She did not rise to seek privacy behind the tree. Instead she just sat there and watched two hikers, one man and one woman, follow the old worn path that leads into an upscale neighborhood. "Good day," she replied. "Enjoy your walk through Mother Nature's Heaven". "May your day be a good one", was their reply and off they strolled into the noon day sun.

Marcia packed her journal into her large bag, stood up, and paused for the moment. Afterwards she proceeded in the direction where her metallic silver colored car was parked. As she removed her key pad from her bag she thought that it was time to head toward the Chinese restaurant in town and eat lunch. That would compliment the end to a perfect day.


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    • J - R - Fr13m9n profile image

      Jane Ramona Rynkiewicz Frieman 3 years ago from Morris County, New Jersey

      Many thanks for stopping by to read Possessing Pseudo Meanings. I appreciated it.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 3 years ago from London, UK

      Very interesting to read and I love the captivating opening.