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Words- Why Important - hola !

Updated on February 23, 2012

I LOVE YOU Ek is lief vir jou

How Do you feel when your partner, parent child says the words I LOVE YOU in English or another language of the world ? Does it fill you with a warm glow, make you feel good those 3 little words yet they mean so much to us .

The importance of words in our lives start from birth . Letting our children hear us speak to them softly when we are happy with them yet a firm" NO" is important when they are in danger .

"STOP "yelled out as it looks like they are about to run out on the road or touch a HOT OVEN

I love you in

Afrikaans Ek is lief vir jou!

Albanian Te dua!

Amharic Afekrishalehou!

Arabic Ohiboke / Nohiboka

Armenian Yes kez si'rumem!

Basque Maite zaitut!

Bengali Ami tomake bahlobashi!

Bosnian Volim te!

Bulgarian Obicham te!

Catalan T'estimo!

Creole Mi aime jou!

Croatian Volim te!

Czech Miluji tev!

Danish Jeg elsker dig!

I Love You

Read to your child

Let them learn words from an early age
Let them learn words from an early age

childrens picture dictionary

Learn New Words

Are you wanting to learn new words or teach your children new words ? Build your child's vocabulary as the more words they know the better it is for them in life. The more words that your child hears on a daily basis, the more she'll learn, absorb and eventually put to use herself.

Using a childrens picture dictionary is a way to get started as well as spending the time to

read to your child when possible as well or have them read a recipe with you .

A dictionary is a good start to look for for words when you need them for writing a letter or resume.

As you go about your day ,walking through the supermarket take the time to show your children words on food packets as you go .

Point out road signs, shop signs etc

Try playing rhyming words as is not only fun to do, but is an easy way to get your child to think about how words can relate to each other and have a laugh together !

Top 10 English words used


The Top 10 list of most commonly used words in English is based on an analysis of the Wiktionary.

  • 1. THE (56,271,872 occurrences per billion words)
  • 2. OF (33,950,064 occurrences per billion words)
  • 3. AND (29,944,184 occurrences per billion words)
  • 4. TO (25,956,096 occurrences per billion words)
  • 5. IN (17,420,636 occurrences per billion words)
  • 6. I (11,764,797 occurrences per billion words)
  • 7. THAT (11,073,318 occurrences per billion words)
  • 8. WAS (10,078,245 occurrences per billion words)
  • 9. HIS (8,799,755 occurrences per billion words)
  • 10. HE (8,397,205 occurrences per billion

Power Words

Power Words

Words you choose to use are very important when it comes to writing your resume & you need to choose the right power words to suit you .

Are you

competent- qualified


  educated efficient


Have   exceptional talent

or  expanding experience

Are you  mature ?

Shown  outstanding performance

positive Attitude

Show  potential

 Productive in your work ?

If you have trouble  coming  up with the right words then you will find a thesaurus very handy or Google " Power words "

Polite Words

Children and sadly many adults need to learn the following words & show more manners in every day life .

Words like


"Thank you"

"Excuse me "

"I'm sorry"

"May I "

" Do you mind"

Emotional Words

What are emotional words ?

There are words to describe how you feel , what emotion are you feeling ?

Are you happy because something nice has happened

- sad because you miss someone

- angry like I am right now !

- hurt- someone has let you down

anguished after a loss
annoyed about something
antsy- waiting for an answer
anxious about work or a relationship
apprehensive about what to do next
aroused by your partner
ashamed of something you have done
astonished by something unexpected
attracted to someone you just met

There are many more Emotional words to describe how you might be feeling inside.

Power of Words

 This short film illustrates the power of words to radically change your message and your effect upon the world ! Please pass this on !

Power of words - please watch this !

Descriptive Words for Danger

Children need to learn the range of Danger words


Don't touch

Beware of  the Dog

No swimming

Emotional Power Selling Words

What one word will almost always get our attention as we are out shopping ?

"SALE" How many of us walk faster when we see the words SALE - 50% Off TODAY-DISCOUNT- FREE- FREE GIFT- SAVE-BARGAIN- DISCOUNT- BUY NOW- and more.

Words are used as emotional ways to get us to buy now , spend our money

How does it make you feel....

Can you imagine ....

Wouldn't your partner love this

Imagine your childs face !.....

All are words that make us feel emotion about us or someone we love so we feel guilty if we don't buy the product we are looking at .

Scrabble Words

 I used to love playing scrabble with friends and then my daughters .

As I was quite good with words I would win a lot , however it would have been great with the scrabble link below for lots more scrabble word ideas .

Getting the Q and U together is always good especialy fitting a word on the triple word score !

We used to use the usual QU words like Queen-Quad -Quiet- Quite- queue -aqua -

however there are so many more words I never knew existed like quag or tranq !


 Keywords are the foundation of search marketing success important online for your hubs , articles , youtube videos etc to be found easily .

Keywords like "travel" " words" " " Buy a caravan" " " how to"

use google keywords to help you find keywords to suit your needs.


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    • TycoonSam profile image

      TycoonSam 5 years ago from Washington, MI

      Excellent Hub and the video was so powerful and heart felt. Voted up and interesting.