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Words With No Meaning

Updated on December 19, 2013

Sorrow Hides Behind A Mask

As she walks the narrow path by herself, thoughts like fireflies dance in her imagination. This is the season of autumn and Marcia McLaughlin's spirits dipped to an all time low. A stroll through the woods should raise her serotonin levels she figured. No longer feeling the summer's abrasive heat, the cool breeze was welcome to her lightly jacketed slender frame. Its invisible hands rustled the fallen leaves and gently brushed against the ones still on the branches. The audio relaxed Marcia's tight muscles and calmed her mind. Nature's sacred home was her home also. In her large leather shoulder bag she carried a diary if ever she was inspired to write in it, this would be the perfect time. A few pens lay on the bottom of the bag along with her car keys, smart phone and kleenex. One small tub of Carmex lip balm kept these items company.

The River's Serene Flow


Letting Go, Letting It Flow

Marcia found a place by the river to sit down and begin composing. Her mood was neither happy nor sad as she took a pen in hand and began to write. The thought processing in her brain flowed as smoothly as the river's undertow. She embodied the spirit of the river creating words and sentences that streamed like a waterfall from the inner sanctum of her artistic nature. Every now and then she would look up and take in her surroundings. "All is at peace", Marcia murmured to herself. "Soon the sun would ride its golden chariot towards the west and evening time would be upon us". Sharing inspiration with herself was therapeutic, kind of like a one-on-one session with herself. It put her mind at ease. Visions of the past arose and her pen captured the minute by minute motion as if it were a video camera. These past images shared a place with her present circumstances. It almost seemed like it was all going to melt together. Hours flew by yet it seemed as if time had stood still. The river's current spoke to her as it speaks to anyone who listens to it. This time around there were no colorful butterflies sunning their lovely yet fragile wings. "Fragile" she whispered. "Write down the things that can be fragile. For instance a person's self image. This image can be strong as steel and as fragile as a shattered mirror. No matter whatsoever. Figure the average person rates somewhere in the middle."

A lonely gray squirrel scurried up a tall tree carrying an acorn in its jaws. The animal's sudden movement broke the peaceful trance Marcia was under. She observed the squirrel anxiously gnawing and consuming its last meal for the day. A smile of merriment grew upon her face. Her fascination with nature kept her in a good mood. Squirrels as well as other creatures of the forest are not judgmental of their human counterparts. They just do as they are supposed to do.

The sound of footsteps and voices can be heard in the not so far distance. Faint laughter echoed. Marcia turned her head to face the direction where the laughter seemed to stem from. She gathered her diary and large pocketbook and hid behind a tree. Friend or foe she was not taking any chances. A handsome young man shared company with a pretty young woman as they joked and paced the rooted dirt path near the river, not taking the slightest notice of the tall slender woman lurking behind the tree. As the couple moved on, still wrapped up in their joviality, Marcia breathed a sigh of relief, sat down, stretched her slim legs and sat on a rock near the river.

Another Evening On The Rise


A Day's Ending

Marcia McLaughlin stood by the driver's side of her pre-owned silver colored Dodge Intrepid. She fumbled through her keys to find the long silver car key. "This day was rather productive. I was able to find some time from my busy schedule to make peace with myself. The diary serves its purpose. Someday I propose to hone up my writing skills and share them with others on the world wide internet. In the meantime my hand written words are for my blue eyes only. My eyes have spotted the car key so off I drive home bound to prepare a simple supper and spend quality time with my two adorable Burmese cats."

Meemaw and Midnight were waiting by the apartment door. They heard the key in the lock and watched the door open. Their night vision spied a tall slender woman carrying a large leather shoulder bag. Instantly the duo approached her and showered her with unconditional love.

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    • J - R - Fr13m9n profile imageAUTHOR

      Jane Ramona Rynkiewicz Frieman 

      3 years ago from Morris County, New Jersey

      My sincere appreciation and thanks for your honest opinion in regards to this story.

    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 

      3 years ago from The Country-Side

      Amazing writing And story telling. very Imaginative

      I also Love the pictures they go Great With The Story

    • J - R - Fr13m9n profile imageAUTHOR

      Jane Ramona Rynkiewicz Frieman 

      4 years ago from Morris County, New Jersey

      My thanks to you manatita44 for your appreciation of this story.

    • manatita44 profile image


      4 years ago from london

      Silence, reflection and compassion. Peaceful Hub this. Good evening.

    • J - R - Fr13m9n profile imageAUTHOR

      Jane Ramona Rynkiewicz Frieman 

      4 years ago from Morris County, New Jersey

      My sincere thanks to you Jodah for sharing your thoughts concerning this hub. Everyone needs a time to just sit back and relax.

    • profile image

      J - R- Fr13m9n 

      4 years ago

      My thanks to you Jodah. I appreciate your appreciation.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      4 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Enjoyed the walk through the woods and relaxing by the river. People can be scary at times and nature and animals more accepting. I can understand Marcia I think. Nice images too.


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