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Words Within

Updated on September 9, 2013

An Angel now in her own right, her soul now freely takes its flight. She speaks to me through memories. Fleeting glimpses, pictures that please.

Mementos of past she has given me, I cherish for time and eternity. She shared her secrets every day. With me by my side she always stayed.

The harder days we leaned on each other. Like Mother and Daughter, Sister and Brother. Each day we spoke was a blessing to me. Even when her heart wanted to flee.

Words that linger in my mind. Memories of a better time, where children teased and life was good. Filled with laughter as it should.

Whether in person or in her heart, she touched my life seems from the start. Bringing me hope each and every day, that life would continue through the fray.

The healing touch she had for others. Both mind and body healed their angers. Frustrations and pains she took on herself, though the Universe should have taken the wealth.

Always having a kind word to say, words that will never fade away, she flies with the wind, this now we know, her body pure and so it goes.

Now she dreams of a better day. Now able to touch and come what may, new hope now springs within her heart, now that this world she does depart.

The ever present memory, lasts though her voice no longer be, audible to the naked ear. Inside her words still linger here.

May her spirit fly as all spirits should, still by my side as she always stood. May peace be found to all living kin. Their hearts be healed by her words within.

Dedicated to K.C. D. 3-21-08 Kari Shinal Copyright 3-24-08


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