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"The Words that Needed to Be Said"

Updated on February 7, 2013

Too Little, Too Late...

We've grown apart in so many ways,

Ways that cannot possibly be changed...

I've tried so hard,

Thinking one day, you'll return mentally from your Hell;

But my grip is slipping...

Everyone else there,

Just waiting to catch my hand;

I never actually fall,

Because someone's always there to catch me at the start.

You're you,

And I'm me;

I guess there just isn't much left to say...

If the words were to be spoken now,

They'd be too little, too late anyhow.

Once again,

I head to this cold bed alone;

And once again,

You're true feelings have been shown.

I'm so sorry that you are wounded inside,

But, honey, so am I...

In this case, that's not a usable alibi.

I'm certain I'll one day regret letting you go;

But it'll be easier now than it would be any later...

It's best to get this part out of the way,

So that we both may move on and mend.

I wish you only the very best in all that you do;

Just, please, stay the Hell out of my view!

-Windy Grace Mason A.K.A. VAMPGYRL420


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