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Work At Home Agents

Updated on February 8, 2012

Customer Service Agents

Work at home agents are becoming, and increasing in numbers. Work at home agents, are taking calls from companies, and you are the agent who handles the order. Moreover, work at home agents are specific, and a more defined niche of work at home individuals. For example; you can become a remote call center agent who works from home. I have for the past few months read countless articles, and information on becoming a Customer Service Agent who works from home. Personally I have loved the idea of working from home, and still find it amazing when I find more gold nuggets as I read other articles. Typically most companies are paying $12 per hour. However there are some work at home agents who are paid for the time spent talking on the phone. When you examine the different pay scales the pay per minutes works to your advantage. You can earn more working from home as a customer service agent.

Near the end of this hub I have listed just a few of the Work at home agents I have found to be legit. West At Home seems to be a very good one. Once you make it pass the training you are set to start taking calls. You pretty much are allowed to make your own schedule; however they do ask you in the beginning which shifts you prefer to work, and how many hours you can work. The minimum hours for most work at home agents are 20-25 hours per week.

Right now I am working on finishing the training modules for the West At Home to begin working. West At Home is legit, and did check it out before applying. Generally the way West At Home works calls are coming into your home to be handled for order taking. The training is basically different scenarios you might encounter with difficult customers.

The Application Process

If writing for an income is not your strong point; there are other ways to earn money from home. Consider becoming a work at home agent, or work at home call center. These are opportunities you may not have really thought about taking a look into what these companies have to offer in terms of earning from home.

Be prepared the application process for work at home agents for most of the sites come in steps. You can count on being on the internet for a total of 1 - 2 hours depending if you complete the process in one sitting. If you have not updated your resume now is a great time to do so. Most of the work at home agent opportunities will allow you to attach or upload your resume which is a great time saver.

Some of the work at home agents do require a 500 credit score and background check.

Side Bar

  •  Companies do stress that it is understood you are an independent contractor who works as a self-employed person. Tax I.D. numbers are not always necessary so do not worry if you do not have one.

Equipment Requiment

  • Processor Speed - High speed internet connection.
  • Landline Phone - This is an absolute must
  • Anti-Virus Software - Some companies will scan your computer to check if you really have great firewall and virus protection.
  • Fax machine
  • Tax ID number (Independent Contractor)
  • A good printer
  • Quiet working space at home
  • Just to emphasis some companies do want to make sure you have enough memory on your company at home before you start working, and they do check. One company I applied to (Arise) rejected my system due to low memory space. Being a work at home agent do be mindful to have your computer in tip top shape before applying.

Work At Home Agents

Work at home agents equal steady pay
Work at home agents equal steady pay

The Interview

Depending on which company you select to be an agent for will determine the length, and complexity of testing. For me I have to complete the application in different sitting.  Most companies will give you 48hours to 72 hours max to complete a particular section once you have started.  Just because you are applying for work at home agents position, it is no less than actually going to a real interview.  You can expect a phone interview which can last at least 15min. You can be prepared to read a script over the phone.  Some companies have a system where you dail into a number and leave your recorded reading over the phone.


Work At Home Agent Resources

  • VIPdesk Brand Ambassador - This one is cool and hiring right now for certain companies. The process is a little lengthy, but worth it you are required to complete a 2 week training before you start working. They call it Brand Ambassador due to the different brands they hire as clients, (i.e. Service Magic, Empire Carpet)
  • Accolade Support - More of a sales type of agent
  • Extended Presence - Sales, and marketing work at home agents needed.
  • Feedom Telework - Work at home agent call center.
  • West At Home - Understood to be a great place to be a work at home agent. The process is pretty easy. If you are interested in working for West At Home be prepared to be quized. The application process is not to bad, however once you are hired there are a set of modules (your training) to be completed. Typically you have 7 days to complete your training which consist of your basic customer service situations, and explaining how to handle difficult customers.
  • American Airlines - I have read that American Airlines is hiring work at home agents. I did not apply for A.A., but did check out the others.
  • You can expect to earn $10 - $12 per hour. It still amazes me!!


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  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Convergys Corporation is hiring HOME AGENTS. We are engaged in a "Work as you like it" Employment Drive and are looking to bring onboard 1000 new home agents over the next 60 days. Home agents work from home as customer service representatives, handling incoming calls, Web chats, and e-mail inquiries.

    Please visit for full details.

  • profile image

    Gill from gas grill reviews 

    7 years ago

    Thanks for the resources. I think there are definitely ways to make money working at home. What appeals to me about it is the lifestyle of being able to be around the kids more. I will have to investigate this a little further.


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