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Working Those Tips.

Updated on October 6, 2009


Working those tips.

  ©-MFB III 


High on inspirations peak
nestles an "Inn" so very private
It's where I work with
for many poets seek its fare
It's well known by all who've struggled
to convey artistic hungers
that is is here...alone...they're served
only the finest food for thought
Here at times I am a patron
hoping for a taste of brilliance
just a visit sampling all the works
of others who've achieved
Many more times I'm a waiter
waiting for appreciation
slaving over fine white linen
sheets I've left blank
cause each setting
left me starving for much more
serving others who are unmoved
by those gifted with a pencil
offering up my best selections
trying to condense what's special
into choices...reader's digest
as they savour every piece
but I'm not a starving artist
as I wait on inspiration
for the work that I have put out
lets me gather up what's due me
imto quite a nice collection
of what soon will be some books
read by countless grateful lips
a reward for years of waiting
paid for by.........
My pencil tips.


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