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Working for Peanuts, a Tribute to Charles Schultz.

Updated on May 11, 2022
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Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

A tribute to Charles Schultz that I wrote three days after he died

Working for peanuts....with love.

No more comments 
from the Peanuts Gallery 
cause old Charlie Brown is blue
he lost his little red-haired Girl
and the world that he once knew

Poor Snoopy's finally been shot down 
that Red Baron is an ace 
and we'll miss the little boy beneath 
the dirt on Pigpen's face 

Scchroeder's pounded out his final tune 
it's called, "Beethoven's Last 
while Rerun vanished on his Mom's bike 
into the distant past 
Poor Peppermint Patty has become 
just another restaurant treat 
It helps dilute the bitter taste 
that fate has made us eat 
Lucy's been left speechless!! 
once a shrink, now she's been shrunk 
and dear Linus left his blanket 
tucked securely in a trunk 
The Great Pumpkin has been revealed 
as another dream that's squash 
while the comic strip 
where Chuck's gang played 
sports a new coat of whitewash 
Woodstock was snatched 
right from mid-air 
by a sneaky cat, named "Scan" 
what that Cat: Scan has uncovered 
broke the hearts of every fan 

Sally's smile is crooked now 
Happiness has been retired 
but you are a good man, Charles Schultz 
and you leave us all inspired 
Sure...The Peanuts gang 
will have a place 
in history they'll survive 
and there are fun things we can do 
to keep thier memories alive! 
Let's go fly a kite,
but just make sure,
it's eaten by a tree
then teach our dogs to dance,
and fill our sad hearts up with glee
Let's learn to play piano,
wailing "Lucy in the sky."
let's feed the birds, and maybe someday
Woodstock will fly by 
let's make friends 
with folks like Franklin 
leaving hatred far behind us 
then we all can sleep securely 
'neath our blankets, Just like Linus 
Let's all Sally forth, and Rerun 
how life was when we were small 
Finding happiness is easy 
it is just beyond that wall 
It's a wall made up of Blockheads 
it's been standing now for ages 
break it down with love, and laughter 
"Let's go back to funny pages!!" 


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