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Would There be a Second Chance

Updated on May 20, 2017

Do you still remember?

Before our love became colder

We were once inseparable

Everything was fine and simple

Do you still remember?

The times we are together

But now everything was gone

Everything was said and done

Do you still remember?

The promises that you utter

In my memory, the things we have are still clear

I still want you that bad in here

Don’t you feel the same anymore?

The pain you brought me kills me down to the very core

The pain I felt when you first leave me

Is still the pain I felt right now and it’s so hard to be free

It’s hard to accept the fact that we lost our love

All I can do is wish from above

That we will meet again someday

I don’t know how but I wish there will be a way

I’m wondering if you feel the same way too

I’m wondering if you remember me in everything you do

Because if you’ll ask me if I can remember the times we had

I remember them clearly, all the memories including the good and the bad

No matter what happened I still love you

Will you come back? I have no clue

But no matter what, I’ll wait for you to return

In this game of patience, there is so much to learn

I’ll wait for you to love me again

I’ll be patient even if I don’t know when

I hope our love will guide you back to me

And put an end to my misery


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