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Would not Be Love

Updated on March 16, 2013

Impossible to be love

Wouldn’t be if It Couldn’t be

See, cause before there were even a WE

There was what we thought it could’ve been

But never the actual thing

Of a factual thing and so the fact that sets the clue

It’s what set in our head….if ever a you and me

Or what it could be

The imagination of our romance ran deep

And in my mind

I can see

Yourself standing right next to me

This was all in a matter of seconds

That I came encounter with you

And at that very moment

In my head

I ran down everything from

Just a matter of your eyes to how you dress

Down to the type of shoes

With all that I could tell

Just exactly what I could possibly

Be getting myself into

I knew it had to be good

Cause reverse

It would be if it could be

But it shouldn’t be and so it would

But again it wouldn’t be if it couldn’t be

See if I didn’t notice you

And totally ignored you and the results would be a lack of accessing love would you say would’ve been foul

Then the romance between us could never go beyond Just a hi and a smile

And so it seems from that there moment would love arise

And things that could Blossom

Could bloom into a wonderful surprise

It wouldn’t be if it couldn’t be

So at that very moment we came together

As you walked away pulled up your hood

I thought to myself

It wouldn’t be but so it should

And so Now I take a step back

And think how our chemistry was more

Then just a flirtatious kind of thing

It was much deeper than that

And while I thought

I felt that feeling rising upon me again

It wouldn’t if it couldn’t be

Be this day it has been

And there I found acceptance in you and you have found love in me


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