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Write For Weekendnotes - A Surprisingly Unheard of Platform For Writers

Updated on November 9, 2015
My favourite site to write for...ever
My favourite site to write for...ever

Have You Ever Heard of Weekendnotes?

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Despite reading perhaps hundreds of different posts online that suggest good sites for writers, I have never once read an article that suggests Weekendnotes as one such article. I guess it's probably because people simply don't know about it. This hub is my attempt to remedy this. Why?Because Weekendnotes provides the best earning structure of any of these sorts of sites that I write for, as I will show you below.

Weekendnotes is a site I love to write for. It is a great community of writers, the editors are helpful, the competitions are interesting, and I consistently make passive income from this site - even when I haven't written anything for a month or two.

I also get to write about a lot of places that are really local and perhaps not as suitable for other sites, and it provides me with yet another outlet for writing and expression.

An article I wrote for Weekendnotes
An article I wrote for Weekendnotes

What Is Weekendnotes All About?

There are certain catagories for which you can create articles:

  1. Places
  2. Activities
  3. Lists
  4. Questions
  5. Events

The focus of Weekendnotes is primarily on providing ideas for readers on what to do on the weekend, and so doesn't really cater to opinion-based articles. To some extent review articles are accepted but this is generally confined to review of tv shows, movies and theatre plays.

Getting paid is simple via Paypal, and the payment threshold is $50.00

Write about places in your local area
Write about places in your local area

Why You Should Write For Weekendnotes

There are so many reasons why writing for Weekendnotes is a great idea. Apart from the opportunity to make use of your local knowledge and get paid for it, you can really make writing for this platform work for you in a number of ways that you will struggle to find on any other sites that you may write for.

The biggest of these is probably the reward system:

Reason 1: Get Readership For Your Blog or Website

When you are accepted as a contributor, you will be able to write a signature that will be dispalyed at the top of each artcle you subit. In it you can include a link to your own online platfrom. If you gain a readership on Weekendnotes, this can drive traffic to your website. Over two years of writing for Weekendnotes I have had over 40,000 readers, and this is a great audience from which to get readers for your own site.

You will be able to see how many readers you get each month.
You will be able to see how many readers you get each month.

Reason 2: Benefit From The Weekendnotes Award System

Weekendnotes has the best award system I have ever seen on a writing site. There are awards for quality, quantity, commenting and even for regular competitions. All of these awards are paid in addition to the basic CPM that you earn. They begin as low as $5 and go as high as $50 USD/AUD or GBP, depending upon your host city and the region you are writing from.

Some of the awards include:

  • Newbie Awards: These awards are given to new writers to encourage them to keep writing for the site. As long as you write quality articles as soon as you begin writing for the site you can normally expect to be awarded one or two of these. Just be sure to follow the guildelines for writing from the outset.
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Editors Choice Awards: Newbie Awards are only given out for the first few articles, but after this you can hope to earn Editors Choice awards. These are given for good quality articles that particularly impress the editors. Be sure to include plenty of photos and be informative while always ensuring to keep your word count on the higher side of what is expected. Also keep on checking your spelling and grammar to be sure that your article is easy to read, as well as informative.

Just some of the many awards
Just some of the many awards
  • Prolific Awards: You will be awarded with a Prolific Award is you publish 10 articles in a month. There are Prolific Awards for writing 20, 30 and more articles up to 100 per month. However, do not skimp quality in favour of quantity, or you may find that your articles are deemed sub-standard, and you could have your account closed.
  • Milestone Awards: When you reach certain milestones in your over all number of articles you will receive Milestone Awards. These begin at 10 articles and again is awarded at 25 articles, 50 articles and more.
  • Competition Awards: Every month a few competitions are set. A theme is announced and quality entries are accepted. Only one article per author may be submitted for each competition.The winnings are quite good and the level of articles submitted are of a quality that will encourage you to improve your own writing with the hopes of winning. Even if you don't win a competition, you will still earn from the article in the usual way.

Reason 3: It's Easy To Earn - Quite Abit

As long as you write good quality articles that stick to the guidelines laid out by weekendnotes, it isn't hard to make more money on this site than on other similar writing sites. If you write about large cities that Weekendnotes has an established audience in like New York or Sydney, you will get plenty of clicks from that readership. If however, you are writing for smaller cities in Asia or the Pacific you will likely get very few viewers. However, there aren't as many people writing for those locations, so you will often find there is less competition for certain awards and you can sometimes make money in that way.

In the table below is my complete list of earnings since I began writing for Weekendnotes in May 2013. And although it took a while for me to reach the payment threshold this was because I wasn't writing.

I never even write articles in some months, but they keep earning..
I never even write articles in some months, but they keep earning..

As you can see, later I took some initiative and wrote more frequently and you can see that I started getting payouts with more regularity. With what i know now of Weekendnotes, I can assure you that if you write quality articles for the site with good photos and stick to the style guide you could get a payout in as little as a month or two. If you are serious about this, I suggest that you aim to write 10 quality articles in your first month - and see how you go.

Note, you will earn more if you are writing about on of the larger cities that I mentioned before.

As of October 2015 I have submitted 84 articles. However, I could have written a lot more and earned a lot more if I had applied myself from the start.

Are You Planning To Apply To Write For Weekendnotes?

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How To Apply To Write For Weekendnotes

Weekendnotes application page - it's easy to apply.
Weekendnotes application page - it's easy to apply.

Write 400 character description of what you did during your weekend. Try to make the piece entertaining and descriptive and include some useful information on the activity or place you went to. The piece does not have to be very long, but do ensure that your spelling, sentence construction and your use of punctuation is all correct. Do a good job, as it will be hard to apply again and be accepted.

Once you are happy with your content, paste it into the provided box in the link below. Be sure to change the city for which you want to write in the drop down menu, and also consider a pen name which you would like to go by.

Make sure you are happy with the pen name that you submit, as this cannot be changed later.

You will notice at the bottom of the form there is a box showing your referrer - and it has my name in it. Once you begin writing for Weekendnotes you will also have the opportunity to refer people to Weekendnotes and get a small commission for doing so after they have submitted their first 10 quality articles.

I would really appreciate if you signed up through my referral link below! If you do, let me know in the comments below so I can thank you.


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    • Rota profile imageAUTHOR


      18 months ago

      I'm glad to help. I hope you like it...and see you on there!

    • K S Lane profile image

      K S Lane 

      18 months ago from Melbourne, Australia

      I've been thinking of branching out, and this site seems like a great option. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Rota profile imageAUTHOR


      24 months ago

      Cheers rebelogilbert, I've been writing for them for about 4 years now and am not about to stop anytime soon. I hope Weekendnotes works out for you too.

    • rebelogilbert profile image

      Gilbert Arevalo 

      2 years ago from Hacienda Heights, California

      Interesting article, Rota. I've never heard of Weekend Notes. I'll check it out with your referral.

    • Marisa Wright profile image

      Kate Swanson 

      3 years ago from Sydney

      I think the reason the site isn't better known is that I'm pretty sure it was originally an Australian site.

    • Rota profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thatmommyblogger, thanks for stopping by. It's a great platform to write for. If you are interested in giving it a try, I have provided a link to sign up, in the hub. Happy writing!

    • Rota profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Hey Mel Carriere, yeah most people havent heard of it. But it is consistently better-paid than most plaforms. If you are interested to join Weekendnotes, I encourage you to sign up via the referral link I provided. Thanks for reading my hub. Cheers

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      3 years ago from San Diego California

      This is the first I have heard about it. Your payout history looks promising. Great hub!

    • ThatMommyBlogger profile image


      3 years ago from The Midwest

      This is the first time I've heard of this site. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sakshi Davessar profile image

      Sakshi Davessar 

      3 years ago from Punjab, India

      Ok Thanku so much Rota. I'll surely check them out

    • Rota profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      You are very welcome AliciaC, I figured it was time I shared the site considering I know how many of us writers are always looking for better paying places to write.

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 

      3 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      This sounds like an interesting site, Rota. I have heard of it before, but certainly not very often. Thank you very much for sharing the information.

    • Rota profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Weekendnotes isn't really appropriate for poetry or general topics. Only about events, activities, places and questions. Check out my writer page and read a few of the articles to get an idea of the sort of articles you can write:

      Best wishes

    • Sakshi Davessar profile image

      Sakshi Davessar 

      3 years ago from Punjab, India

      Thank you for sharing. I have a little doubt. Do we have to write only about the places or activities going on in there? Can we write anything in general like poetry or so?


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