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Write an Exciting Film or Theatre Script in any Genre

Updated on July 2, 2016

Trying to Write the Perfect Script Yourself

Big mistake! For me in any case.

See I love writing, but I've never bothered writing a full blown screenplay in fear that everything will go south, as it turned out, my first attempt and everything has gone completely south. There wasn't a director in the world who would buy my script, since, in my opinion, it turned out to be a piece of crap laying on a desk somewhere.

However, I should start with my story using a different start point, or I might loose my reader's interest too!

It all started when my brother ran towards me, laughing, and with a playful smile. He was 7 years, and his actions obviously that of a playful little kid's age group, completely natural. As an older brother I couldn't help but watch him and smile as he went on playing with his toys. He looked over his shoulder at me and start: 'John, what's this one's story?' He showed me one of his toys, but hadn't the knowledge about the little plastic man he showed, for it was of the kind you'd only find in the shops, and not television material, but that was enough to get me thinking.

I put my hand up to my chip and scratched it as I started to think; what if I wrote my own script for the little toy? It was an obvious solution to obtaining the explanation.

So what would the story have been about? Simple! Obviously there has got to be good guys and bad guys, my brother's toy being one of the good guys.

I quickly set to work, grabbing paper after paper, just letting my imagination explode. But as it turned out... It wasn't enough.

My brother seemed to love the short story I created for him, thus it was a good story, I thought. It was about time I went to see a director to see if anyone might want to buy the script as a children's T.V. series.

I ended up going home after a long day of being told my story needed huge revision... The next day I was determined to get what I needed done, so I started searching online for what I thought would be the best script writer, in order to have him review my work.

Darealredsun on Fiverr

I found a genuine scriptwriter from Canada who would review my script for a really low price.

After having searched for almost 2 days, I finally found someone who can help me, and after having reviewed my work, he sent it back to me with all it's major improvements. Suddenly I found that the script wasn't just entertained for younglings, but for young adults, and adults alike! It was a success, and before long everyone wanted to buy my beautiful script

Darealredsun' fiverr seller, is a 5 star, professional scriptwriter with a 100% positive rating. With his prices going as low as $10 USD. He has helped me out a lot, and now I'm gonna return him the favor, and recommend to all who is in need of professional plot script, or synopsis writing.

His Gig Description:

You provide me with your ideas or restrictions -- I write the script! Being a Drama/English major, I can provide you with a compelling story that suits your needs.

I will make sure to double-check and edit the script before sending it back to you. In the standard package, the deadline is 4 days after your order.

The typical length of the script for the standard package is 800-1000 words (about 5 pages).

Of course, there are gig extras!!! Make sure to check them out down below if you want faster delivery, additional words/pages, or further revisions

For only $10 dollars, you can have a professional script in your hands within the next week. And may I just say how pleased I am with the work he's done for me. It is my pleasure to help all who is in the position I was in, and to recommend this five star seller to you!

Click Here To View and/or Order Now!

5 stars for Scripts


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