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Write and Publish Ebooks

Updated on January 16, 2008




PDF or HTML Ebooks, Articles and Blogs Are Easily Created With Suite 2.3 or later.

If you think you need Microsoft Office 2007 to create quality PDF or HTML ebooks, think again!

Consider the price of almost $500.00 versus FREE for a comparable and more quality application.

Open Office 2.3 is Open Source Software for Free, and it is a great product to write PDF eBooks including the HTML executable format as well.

It is very easy and very simple to write and create the PDF format using Open Office Suite. In addition to it simplicity, It is a great deal easier to work with than using some HTML EDITORS.

Creating the HTML it is not difficult. It is a simple ’save’ as the type file.

My e-Course provides all the necessary steps to easily write and create a HTML executable eBook.

I include all software and and or resources that you will need to compile your pre-written content into a PDF and (.exe) formatted e-book.

You are provided with an open source PDF Converter Creator, if you wish to use Microsoft or any other alternative Word Processor Suite (other than Open Office).

If you have purchased or own Microsoft Office 2007, you have many benefits for exporting and saving to different formats. However, most people aspiring to become a published author cannot afford to pay the price for MS Office Pro 2007.

When using Open Office Sutie 2.3 or later, you do not have to use any additional software to create PDF, HTML or even Flash formatted files as it is a simple export (conversion).

For some Microsoft Office Users of earlier versions to MS Office Professional 2007, obtaining the PDF Converter Creator for FREE will enable easy conversion to PDF from Word Processing Applications. This is if you do not make use of OpenOffice Writer version 2.3 that is included in the suite.

Additionally, Open Office will work on Windows, Linux, Solaris and the Mac. Compatibility of the application allow the transferring documents very easily and with less formatting changes, modifications, hassle and conversions.

The learning curve is very minor. The interface and navigation for Open Office is very similar to Microsoft Office and other suites allowing a simple and easy experience.

In my professional opinion, Open Office 2.3 is superior in options and features and offer Writers (or wanna-be authors) a great advantage when creating books or digital media.

In the example of creating PDF ebooks, you simply click to export your content into an eBook PDF format.

My recommendation is to download and use Open Office suite 2.3 for one week only. I am quite sure you will continue to use it as your primary word processing program.

I have been able to create spreadsheets, databases, documents, presentations, slides and more. The great advantage is I can convert my files almost effortlessly into Flash (.swf) format, PDF and compatible MS Office documents. In addition, I can convert or save as any type format and style of almost every other software suite application on the market.

OpenOffice will read your .doc files created by MS Office Word. The fact is it wil read the other applications as well!

There are also other Software Suite alternatives to Microsoft Office 2007 Professional.

1. Corel WordPerfect has a high cost of $300.+.

2. Star Office Suite sells for less than $70.

3. Google Documents and Spreadsheets are FREE

4. Open Office Suite is FREE.

There are other suites to choose from, however, you should start with the above mentioned.

I hope you have found this information a benefit to your overall successful writing achivements.

Kindest Regards, B. Robert

Creative Fiction Or Non-Fiction Writer


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    • profile image

      create your own ebook 

      9 years ago

      The open office suggestion is interesting, I am going to trythat.


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