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Write is a Verb and Four Tips to Overcome Writing Distractions

Updated on September 3, 2010

Positive Procrastination is your Friend

I could begin today's hub with a motivational quote by Lou Holtz (my favorite ESPN announcer by the way) or perhaps roll out with an inspirational quote on discipline to emphasize that you can be a winner and be in control of your distractions.  Instead, I'll quote George Patton. "A gentleman should be able to cuss for three minutes without repeating himself." Gee, I find that funny and especially since it was said so long ago.  Back in that golden era, I don't believe folks really cussed as much as people do today. I think we have gotten numb to cursing. Just me, and sorry...I got distracted. Four Tips to Overcome Writing Distractions follow:

Ahem. First~~the best way to overcome any writing distraction is to just give in and give yourself time to get at least three of them out of the way. Today, I have successfully registered my comment for a $1.00 off coupon at a nearby Mexican restaurant, read about the youngest sister of the Olsen twins, and (then I saw something shiney) read about a job opportunity regarding a Wild Animal Pest Tech. I believe in deepening your knowledge and that research is great, but come on, really, how many articles does one need to read for enrichment before putting your thoughts down.

Second, do not always think you have to be typing as your method of writing. I do my best writing with a fine point sharpie (in a ventilated area of course) and a Penway cheapie spiral notebook. I like to scribble, draft and really make a mess of my first draft. Perhaps you prefer a really sharp pencil and notebook paper or even have a favorite writing spot...inside, outside, kitchen table, computer.  How about try something new for a change of pace.

Third, Start with Titles~~thought provoking random titles. A great writing assignment would be to spend three minutes of rapid fire brainstorming writing all the questions you can think of and then pick just three to expand on for the next three minutes. See, you'll be on to consistent writing in no time. "Positive Procrastination is Your Friend". Nooo, notice I did not say "Fiend". Procrastination is your "Friend" and not your "Fiend".

Fourth: Try things in three's. Do three things to bring closure to your Positive Procrastination, brainstorm for three minutes, choose three topics to write on and write for three minutes (preferably more) on each of them. Yup, you have got yourself simultaneous accomplishment and are moving forward to beat your writing distractions.

Easy...Write? Get it. "Write" not "Right!"??

Tomorrow, I am going to try to visit a worm ranch and a winery to get ahead of the writing assignments for the Hub Pages Marks the Spot challenge. There is absolutely nothing like a competition to light a fire for me to write about something new. The 60 Day Challenge sounds like I may really find myself positive procrastinating a bit too much, and worm ranching just sounds fun to investigate. Last Friday, a new winery opened up within an hour that features Prickly Pear Cactus Wine, and I am just dying to know how they stomp it. Yikes. Eeech, Ouch.



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