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Write that first book

Updated on September 19, 2014
Thumbs up to getting started.
Thumbs up to getting started.

Starting your book

The hardest part about writing a book is getting away from all outside distractions and finds time to write. I find if I get up early or stay up in the evening, I can get more work done.

Your story should be drawn from something you know. You can't write a book on golf, and you have never played golf. Working with thing you know, hobbies, are a good place to start. I am a camper, writing about some of our camping trips is a story in its self. Don't write about places you only wish you had been too.

Determent where your story is going to be written,( small town out west). A place you can relate to by describing it to your readers. Building a picture in their minds; this applies to your characters too.

I found if I wrote 3x5 cards on each of my characters, giving names, physical description, age, sex, anything else that you think will come up. You can add to these cards as you progress throughout your book. This will help you keep your character straight, if you have multiple character or locations.

Write on your book as often as you can, but don't write for hours at a time, go slow take your time. I found you just to write when the story is flowing in your mind, don't worry about spelling or punctuation, this can be corrected when you finish your writing section. I found if I stop each time I made a spelling error, I lost my train of thought.

After you have finished a couple of pages, go back and re-read what you have written. Does it flow, have you add enough detail ( not too much detail), so your reader can picture the places you are in and have a feel for your characters? If you have, go on, if not fix what you have left out.

Continue to write until you feel you have told your story, always leave room on the end of your book for a follow-on book, if your planning to write a series.

Take it slow, some writers take years to complete a book, there is no rush. Keep going back over your book, looking for places you can improve.

As far as covers and getting your book published. This article was just to get you started and to keep you going on your book. Information on other parts of you book can be found at:

Start your first book

Its nice to say start your first book, but when it come down to it, time is not on your side.


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