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Writer Terry Didcott

Updated on April 6, 2013

Freelance Writer Terry Didcott

Terry Didcott is many things, but online he is a freelance writer, content writer, Internet marketer, website builder and helpful bloke who runs his own forum to help newcomers to the online rat race avoid falling by the wayside, or being caught by scams.

Offline, he is an actively gigging musician playing bas guitar and singing in a local blues band, a keen gardener, an almond farmer, dog lover and he currently lives in the rugged and beautiful area of southern Spain with his partner, Janice.

There are many aspects to working online and of course renumeration is a big part of it. Making money online is hard work, but when you stick at it long enough, it starts to pay off and then you can truly say that you make your living from the Internet!

Freedom Writer Terry Didcott
Freedom Writer Terry Didcott

The Cool Writer

The cool writer handle came about because of some keyword research I was doing on and around the word "writer" to see if there were any ways I could boost the search engine exposure of my flagship website and blog.

Trying to rank for the keyword "writer" was a total waste of time, as the competition for that term is crazy. But I needed to find something that got some reasonable searches so people would find my site via the search engines. This is important for me as the more people know about my site, the more people will know about me and the fact that I work online as a freelance writer.

So it makes perfect horse sense to be visible in search engines, particularly Google, where most people search these days. That's because there are plenty of website owners out there looking for good, professional content writers and where do they look? Yep, Google.

So you can see that for a professional freelance writer who writes prolifically for web content, being seen by potential clients is important.

Anyway, all that aside, I came across the term "Freedom Writer" in my researches into searched keywords and found that term gets a few hundred searches a week and there's not a huge number of competing sites, so it made sense to rank for that term to begin with.

It's all part of a master plan to eventually rank for the terms "writer" or "Freelance Writer" and by ranking first for several related long term keywords I'll eventually get up there for the main keywords.

Which will mean more exposure and more work.

Where Do I Write?

These days I write mostly on the ever growing menagerie of websites and blogs that I am acquiring over time. I think the last count it was somewhere over 100 in all, which is why I don't get to them all very often. That's not to say I only post once a month everywhere. In actuality I keep a core of well upkept blogs supplied with regular posts - maybe one or two a week is plenty to keep them fresh.

Many of the websites I own are static, so once I've set them up they don't need to change much over time - just a sprinkling of new content every so often keeps them current and the search engines don't thenik they're dead!

As for things like Hub pages and Squidoo lenses (of which I do have rather a lot) they need regular feeding with fresh content, so I try to make sure I get them all at least every week or so. Again, I have a main core of this type of webpage that I update regularly and others that get looked at less frequently as they are already full of most of the content they ever going to need.

That happens when you write ona certain subject that really doesn't have all that much you can say about it. By way of an example, one of my lenses is about hypnosis and I've said about as much about it as I'm going to in there. I also have a nypnosis website that has more information, but I don't want to be rehashing the same stuff twice.

Some of the websites make a bit of money, which on their own isn't much, but when you add them together there is quite a good income stream. That's why I'm constantly adding more sites to my portfolio. I work on the idea that if one site can make a dollar a day, then 100 sites... you get the picture.

That's why I do what I do and it keeps me busy writing as once one new website is finished, its time to start on the next!

But my own sites are not the only places I write, not by a long chalk. I'll talk about the other places in a future capsule.

Where Else Do I Write?

Following on from the previous capsule, I think it might be a good idea to mention where else I write.

Well, there are several places online that I write, for various reasons. Apart from my own websites and blogs, I also guest write in other people's blogs. I don't do this all that often, but enough so that my name gets spread around the blogosphere a little better and at the same time I'm gaining some juice for one or more of my own sites.

How does that work?

Well, by guest writing on another blog, especially one that has acquired some page rank authority, I get to place my name and a link to my website at the end of the article I write. This often produces more link juice to the linked site than it would if I were to submit the article to an article directory.

It has worked very well for my flagship site, as it now has a PR3 purely from links gained from writing in other people's blogs.

Another place I write occasionally is in a JV blog I started with my partner in crime, Monika Mundell, who is another accomplished writer in Australia. That blog also enables me to send link juice to one or other of my websites and has the same effect, as the blog is hosted in a different place to my own slef-hosted sites.

By spreading your writing work around, you too can increrase the authority of some of your sites as well as increasing traffic to them a little, especially if the site you write for gets a lot of traffic itself and your articles are good.

Get the Best From Constant Content

In this module, I’d like to extol the virtues of a really fantastic additional source of income for any author who is interested in making some cash from writing.

That’s Constant Content.

Constant Content are an article/content brokerage website resembling the well known Associated Content (AC). The difference between the two is that Constant Content takes written work from writers situated worldwide, whereas AC accepts only writers that live in the United States.

The potential amount of earnings that can be earned from Constant Content are a lot higher than you would expect to earn from Associated Content. This is chiefly due to the fact that the way of selling your articles is rather different for each company.

Associated Content will accept your article and pay you right away for it. The amount is normally around $5-$7 per 500 word article, although that figure may grow the longer you are a member and the greater the number of articles you submit (which are accepted) to approximately $10 per article. The articles you submit then become the property of Associated Content, which they can then sell on to website owners as “usage” rights. This means they are able to resell each of your articles over and over meaning they are not unique. I guess we all know what Google's take on duplicate content is by now.

Constant Content, on the other hand are rather different. When you submit an article to Constant Content, you state the way you want it to be sold. It can be from a choice of either "usage" (the cheapest), "unique" or "full rights" (the most expensive).

This is so good to know. The majority of content buyers make use of Constant Content looking to purchase "full rights" articles. This means they become the exclusive owners of that article and can put their name to it as their own work, which is the main reason why it's the most taken. It is also guaranteed as original and unique content, which further adds to its appeal.

As to earning money, for a 500 word, "full rights" article, the usual fee is around $40. Of this, the author makes 65% ($26), while the remainder is taken as commission and expenses by Constant Content.

Another difference of importance is that Constant Content do not pay you, the author for your article right away as does Associated Content. What occurs is that your article remains in your own portfolio on the site and waits for a content buyer to choose it. That’s the major downside and one reason why so many potentially good authors drop out. People are often lacking patience and don't wish to be made to wait for their article to be sold.

However, for those writers that are prepared to wait, once an article is sold, you get paid by Constant Content at the beginning of each month. Logic dictates that the more articles you place in your portfolio, then the more articles you will sell. Over time, your portfolio will expand and provide you with a constant flow of cash as long as you continue to keep submitting more articles in order to keep it growing. As an author, you will begin to be known by a lot of the frequent content buyers and if they like what you're writing in your portfolio, you might very well be asked to do private work for them, which many of the top authors there do. This can actually become very lucrative.

Wouldn't you like to make $26 for a 500 word article and maybe wait a while for it, than get a paltry $5-7 straight away.

I personally recommend Constant Content if you need to make more money from your writing work and aren't bothered about being patient.

A few tips: Always continue submitting good quality articles. While you might not sell any right away, have faith but submit more articles and before long, your first article will sell. Its a great feeling and will prompt you to submit even more. By submitting your articles constantly and often, more sales will soon follow.

To help you choose what subjects to write about, Constant Content publish a list of content requested by buyers both on the site and via email to each author. Even if they don’t buy yours, it increases your chances of selling your artucles to another buyer. Its also a perfect gauge as what subjects are hot amongst buyers.

So the very best of luck with earning cash from your articles!


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  • nighthag profile image

    K.A.E Grove 

    8 years ago from Australia

    thanks for the great hub, being new to writing on the internet this information goes a long way to helping me achieve the dream of being a full time writer.

    thank you

  • honestway profile imageAUTHOR


    10 years ago from Spain

    Good idea Lissie, I'll do that! And yes, I should submit some more articles to CC too as I've been a bit snowed under with other writing work which has meant nothing going to CC! I notice I sell much fewer when I don't post new ones, so I should start burning some of that midnight oil!

  • Lissie profile image

    Elisabeth Sowerbutts 

    10 years ago from New Zealand

    Yes I really must get back to constant content and add some more articles! Just a hint Terry- use eBay capsules - they update more frequently than Amazon and we all know what Google thinks of updated content!

  • Lissie profile image

    Elisabeth Sowerbutts 

    10 years ago from New Zealand

    Yes I really must get back to constant content and add some more articles! Just a hint Terry- use eBay capsules - they update more frequently than Amazon and we all know what Google thinks of updated content!

  • profile image

    Freedom Writers 

    10 years ago

    This is a highly interesting hub page and a topic upon which I am very much active in mself!

  • honestway profile imageAUTHOR


    10 years ago from Spain

    Hi Dan, thanks for the comment.

  • Dan Scraper profile image

    Dan Scraper 

    10 years ago

    Hey Terry, this is a great hub page man! You're giving me loads of ideas to get writing more myself, so thanks for the info buddy!


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