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Writers Block - A Micro short story

Updated on June 22, 2015

Few years ago the writer in me decided not to hold the pen again. However, the reader in her longed to read me again. She looked at me earnestly...I looked at the writer in me...the writer turned his face unpleasantly. She poked the reader in her. The reader asked the writer "what's wrong?". "Writers block" he replied airily. Everyone looked at each other. The reader poked her and she looked at me. I nodded at her and in turn she nodded at the reader The reader looked at the writer. The reader said 'for a change, I will narrate a story this time and you need to pen it down for me. Will you?'. The astonished writer looked at me. I winked my eyes and handed over a pen to him. He felt anxious as he prepared himself to pen down his second novel. The reader whispered something to her. She smiled and said to me 'chalo lets go for a walk...and hopefuly..once we are back...the story will get a climax’
Meanwhile the reader started with a preface.
'Well this time it’s not gonna be an eternal love story. Last time you scored with an unusual climax. But this time its gonna be a cliché love story'
The writer looked at her once and asked 'is this fictional or a real one?'
She smiled and said 'well that's the suspense. Wait and see'
'Sounds interesting.. so shall we begin?' The writer asked.

~The End~


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    • Mellyunplugged profile image

      Melvin Augustine 2 years ago from India

      Thank You Akriti :)

    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 2 years ago from Shimla, India

      Honestly written.