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Cures and Ideas for Working Through Writers Block

Updated on March 21, 2013

This is my last and final hub of my 6 month HubPages Apprenticeship Program here at HubPages. Ironically, the last few hubs (articles) that I have written, have been written under what I would call a severe writers block. In fact, my writers block is so severe right now that it was hard for me to even sit down and pay attention to write this one last hub.

I have even thought at some points in the last couple days that I don't even love to - nor do I want to - even write anymore (I know deep down in my heart that's not true though, I'm just in a burn out state at the moment)

So how have I coped with writers block not only in the HubPages Apprenticeship Program or at other times throughout my writing career?

I have fought my way through it is about the best way I can sum it up. I sucked it up, tried desperately to search for subjects to write on, and prayed for direction.


Yes, you can create when you're not "in the mood"

I have never been one to bow down to that thought that says, "I can only be creative when I'm in the mood". Heck, if I only wrote or created things when I was "in the mood", I would no where have accomplished the body of creative works that I now have.

I think, and this is just my personal opinion, that a creative individual must find some discipline in their creativity even when they don't feel like it. That's not to say that there are not those special times when your creativity is just flowing and things are going better then normal, it's just a reflection of my own personal journey as a creative soul.

Right now, for me though, all I can think of is that I'm just plain burnt out at expressing my thoughts on paper (well in my case the laptop keys and screen, you writers know what I mean) I don't feel like writing and I don't feel like thinking about what to research next. I am anticipating and expecting - and ready - to move onto my next creative pursuit, whatever that may be (I have no doubt it will be sometime creative, it's just my nature to be busy with some type of creative pursuit, whether it be photography, painting, gardening or maybe even throwing myself passionately into my next career move)

And yes, of course, I will still be writing. There's no doubt about that. It's a part of who I am.

I will always be a writer.

HubPages Apprenticeship Program requirements

So to make this final hub worthy of the apprenticeship program in that it is not just a hub about my personal thoughts, I better offer up some type of advice for those of you out there that may be battling a similar writers block.

Perhaps it's a minor block, or not, but you are irritated or depressed that it's even there.

But take heart, being the compassionate person that I am, I feel for you. I really do. But, you can make it through this, it's just going to take some mental adjustments. Here are some ideas for helping "cure" writers block from someone who has been "there and done that".

Writers block? Maybe you need a change of scenery.
Writers block? Maybe you need a change of scenery. | Source
Writers block? Reach out to other writers for inspiration.
Writers block? Reach out to other writers for inspiration. | Source
Writers block is a condition that can happen to creative people.
Writers block is a condition that can happen to creative people. | Source
I sometimes get inspired to write when I spend time in nature.
I sometimes get inspired to write when I spend time in nature. | Source
During writers block, I was inspired to write reviews when HubPages had their Rigorous Review contest. I wrote about a new hamburger place I tried.
During writers block, I was inspired to write reviews when HubPages had their Rigorous Review contest. I wrote about a new hamburger place I tried. | Source
Making hand-prints with my Sunday School kids and grandson inspired me to write a hub, even though I didn't feel like writing. The hub went onto be a big hit on Pinterest.
Making hand-prints with my Sunday School kids and grandson inspired me to write a hub, even though I didn't feel like writing. The hub went onto be a big hit on Pinterest. | Source

Cures for Writers Block

So we all know that writers block is not a sickness, or an illness - it's a condition. According to the dictionary, writers block is a "a psychological inhibition preventing a writer from proceeding with a piece of writing."

Aha, so it's psychological. I should have figured that much.

So what things can be done to help someone with writers block? What magical cures and revelations await thee for thy failing pen?

Here are some ideas:

  • For me, sometimes I think writers block is just plain ole boredom. I don't know what I want to write about next and I'm kind of feeling stale. So once in awhile, to combat the boredom, I decide to mix it up by writing about something new that I've recently done that was fun (a good example of this is a hub that I recently wrote about making Christmas Santa Hand-Prints I made with my grandson) Making these hand-prints gave me the idea to write and share about this fun project. So my advice? Look around you. Maybe something new you have recently done in your life could be the source of inspiration for a new topic to write about. Like they say, life imitates art. So maybe you can switch that up and have art imitate something in your own life.
  • Get out of the funk! Sometimes I have to physically remove myself from my current surroundings and go find another place to write. I have written hubs in the backseat of my jeep in front of my house, in the McDonald's parking lot (free wifi), at church in the sanctuary (oh, so very nice and quiet), in the church parking lot in the pouring rain (once again in my jeep), in parks (wrote in Word then pasted into the hub later on), in my backyard, and many more places I can't even remember. Oh yes, and one more, I even wrote in a hotel room in Las Vegas one time when I was a columnist (deadlines don't care where you are)
  • Take a vacation. Get off the Internet for awhile, maybe even days. Take an Internet Fast (I've wrote about this too) With so much information coming at us left and right, no wonder we get writers block sometimes! It's just plain information overload! Clear your head from as much communication sources as you can. Connect with family, connect with nature and get away from that "smart" phone and computer for awhile.
  • Try not to get despondent over the state of your writers block. Now that we know it's psychological, it could just be your bodies way of saying your mind needs a break and there's nothing wrong with that. I have the next few days off for the most part so I may even take off for a couple days to Monterrey to rest my body and my mind. We all need breaks.
  • Brainstorm with other writers either here at HubPages or on FB. There are no better people to talk to about writers block than writers themselves.
  • Check out what contests HubPages has running for the month. Some of my best hubs have come out of these contests, where I got out of my comfort zone and wrote about things I would not otherwise have wrote about (plus there's that money incentive and some friendly competitive spirit which is fun)
  • Go check out some questions that people have asked on HP. I have written hubs based on a question that I felt I had some good answers for (this also is a good feeling knowing you are helping someone else)
  • Most of all, be kind to yourself! This too will pass!

Poll for writers

Have you ever had writers block?

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What's going through my mind right now

As I wrap up this last hub for the rigorous 6 month HubPages Apprenticeship Program, I feel like I am on the last leg of a long journey. I feel like a runner who can see the finish line but is very fatigued and tired, and pushing through just to get to that finish line and end the race. Being stubborn the way I am, failing at this point or giving up was just not an option, just as the last few hubs have not been optional. I decided that I will finish, even if it means struggling up to the finish line with a headache and body ache in tow.

So I am almost there. And when this last hub is written, edited, finished and published, I can rest. Rest in knowing that I finished the race.

There is no big prize awaiting me except for in my own mind, knowing that I didn't give up. I fought my way through it and one day. the words will come flowing out like they have for me in the past.

And in retrospect, this hub didn't come out half bad which shows to me that yes, I can write, whether or not I am suffering from "writers block". I just have to believe in my heart and mind that I can do it and get through it. The only block we face is in our own mind.

And remember...once a writer... always a writer.


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  • Dorsi profile imageAUTHOR

    Dorsi Diaz 

    5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    @CarNoobz) Interesting thought Car, I think you should look in the mirror every morning and say to yourself "I believe in myself!". You can do this, you already are!

    @LongTimeMother) Great ideas Mother - thanks for the tips! The AP program helped but I would say it has only helped me earn more money because of the tier I've been put in ($ per hub) Search has changed so much that I think I need to learn more about that than anything - how to stay high in the search engines, which the AP helped with but did not really have the answers to either.... so much has changed!

  • LongTimeMother profile image


    5 years ago from Australia

    Hi Dorsi, in about 30 years as a professional writer I've only experienced writer's block a handful of times. To try and shake it I would grab a newspaper or a nearby book, read two sentences and use them as inspiration to start writing. I'd set the timer for 10 minutes and just write flat out on my randomly chosen topic. When the timer sounded I switched back to the paying project. I can only think of one occasion when it didn't help. Within days I was in bed, sick. My brain obviously knew I was sick before my body did. :)

    I am supposed to be in semi-retirement now but of course writers being driven to write means I have no chance of turning my back on pen and paper, keyboard etc.

    Did you find the Apprenticeship Program helpful? Has it helped you make more money from the hubs you write?

  • CarNoobz profile image


    5 years ago from USA

    I think the greatest block for me isn't "writer's block"'s "believer's block." When I believe in myself, I can write all day long. But when those doubts sink in, I'm useless.

    Ah, that's the MMO life, though.

    voted up

  • Dorsi profile imageAUTHOR

    Dorsi Diaz 

    5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    @Julie) Thank you so much!

  • Julie DeNeen profile image

    Blurter of Indiscretions 

    5 years ago from Clinton CT

    Congratulations on finishing and you did include some helpful advice too :P

  • Dorsi profile imageAUTHOR

    Dorsi Diaz 

    5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    @mp) Thanks mp. Have a great New Years!

  • mpropp profile image

    Melissa Propp 

    5 years ago from Minnesota

    Congratulations on completing the apprentice program! I hope you get to take a little break, go celebrate the New Year and think of new accomplishments to achieve. I agree with you--sometimes you just have to fight through the writer's block...but once a writer, always a writer!

  • Dorsi profile imageAUTHOR

    Dorsi Diaz 

    5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    @Papa) That sounds like a good way to keep your creativity flowing Papa. Glad you found something that works well for you. Sometimes I think part of my writers block is having too many irons in the fire though.

    @Maria) It's a busy time of the year, and I think your laptop gone is definitely contributing to a block. I hope you can take this time to recharge.

    @midget) Thanks and I sure agree. Thanks also for passing this on.

    @spartucus) Your welcome and thanks for coming by!

  • spartucusjones profile image

    CJ Baker 

    5 years ago from Parts Unknown

    Very timely hub and I can definitely relate. I am constantly going through moments when I don't particularly feel inspired to write. But like yourself I just fight through it. Your tips are practical and thanks for sharing!

  • midget38 profile image

    Michelle Liew 

    5 years ago from Singapore

    Congrats on finishing the program! I agree, if we were only to write when we are "in the mood" we wouldn't be able to survive as writers. Yes, we need to write in a good frame of mind, but we must be prepared to get that good frame of mind for ourselves and think positively too. No one else does it for us! Thanks for sharing,and I am passing this on.

  • Maria Cecilia profile image

    Maria Cecilia 

    5 years ago from Philippines

    I think I am feeling it right now.... I am not starting my article for the pet magazine where I always love to contribute my articles.... or maybe I am just busy or my laptop is gone for repair.... or I need a new one...

  • PAPA-BEAR profile image

    John W Townsend 

    5 years ago from London England UK

    I always see Writers Block as a need to always have another project on the go. I keep several things afloat and write something every day, when I want to I return to my main project. I really never have writers block, always move away from a non creative pitch to another pitch.


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