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Writer's Forums are the new Writer's Groups

Updated on August 15, 2014

The Place That Writers Collaborate

For writers, forums are the place to convene and discuss all aspects of writing. Those wanting to get another opinion on the stories that they are creating can choose to post what they have and have other writers give suggestions for improving the plots, characters and other elements in the story. Others come to the forums to find out where the latest contests and competitions are taking place and when. Still more come to the forum to fellowship among others like themselves, writers. Whether professional or amateur, writers can find a home on the writing forums online.

Writer's Café

Writer’s Café Online Writing Community is one such forum. At the Writers Café, a person can find information on publishers, literary agents, contests, self-publishing, and literary magazines. There is a wealth of knowledge at the writer’s fingertips on this site as well as a way to connect with other online writers. For the new writer or the seasoned writers looking to brush up on their skills, the website also offers free online writing courses for their members. It is free to join and participate. Check them out at:

Writer's Beat

Writer’s Beat offers advice and tips for writers as well as classifieds for the writing community. There are posts that allow the writer to post their work and have their peers critique it as well as just a means of proofreading. There are contests posted as well as an area where writers can just chat with fellow creative. This forum is a bit smaller than the other forums mentioned, however it is worth taking a good look at. A treasure trove of tips awaits the writer who takes the time to explore the site. It is on the web at: http://www,

Alternative Sites for Writers

An alternative site for writers and their needs is Absolute Write. Absolute Write forum separates the forum into different genres and provides answers to the questions that writers post on the forum. An exciting section that I found on the forum was on promotion. How to promote what has been written as well as cautions for writers to avoid pitfalls. Ask an agent and information on freelance writing could be a great resource for those who are new to the writing business. You can check them out at:

For the more specialized writers, there are forums setup for their specific field such as screenwriters and Christian Writer’s Guilds to name just a couple. These are located at:

Finally writer’s resources can be found on many websites all over the Internet, but a great source of resources that I found to be helpful were located on: . As you go to these sites, please be thorough in your search as there is much information on these sites researched and submitted by fellow writers.

Do you use writing forums? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

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