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Writers block and Inspiration

Updated on October 26, 2012

As we all know a writer’s world is confusing and stressful, sometimes we struggle to write anything at all but we also have moments where we cannot write enough idea's down quick enough.

Writers Block

Most writers state that they have had writers block at least once in their careers although many other people claim that there is no such thing, the only way to be sure if writers block is real is to sit down and write an article each day for a week. More than likely there will be a period in this time where you brain goes blank and your fingers refuse to type, your motivation disappears and your muse/Inspiration is nowhere to be found.


Inspiration is a funny thing if you think about it. It can be any Item, hard or soft, it can be a person, an emotion, something you see whilst taking a stroll. Inspiration is an uncanny thing but helps with our motivation to write, even if it’s only a small article like this explaining something. Without inspiration the world would be a really boring place in the writing field and out.

Are the two connected?

So the question is, are both Inspiration and Writer's Block connected? Thousands of people will claim yes and other no, I believe that these are connected because if we lose our inspiration we really struggle to string a sentence together when trying to write. Writer's Block doesn’t just come from lack of inspiration though; many factors have to be taken into account, for example:

  • Tiredness
  • Stress
  • Unwanted Interruption’s
  • Messy workspace
  • Health

And believe it or not, even the weather can have an effect on us causing writer's block. Let’s face it, when its wet and miserable outside or we are bracing for the next natural disaster, we get distracted and then when we decide to have a second attempt at writing the piece you started earlier, your mind goes blank and you cannot think of anything to put down and your motivation is running thin.

All that is listed are major factors to take into account when self-diagnosing yourself with writer's block but we cannot get it confused with idleness, one thing that really grinds my gears is when I hear people saying they have lost inspiration or have writer's block when there just two idle to pull them self's of the sofa and get stuck into their work. In a writer's world there is no room for idleness.

Tip's to Combat Writer's Block

There are many ways to combat Writer's Block but here are the ones I have found effective.

  • Clean & Tidy Workspace- This is essential for a writer to perform at their best. Everyone has heard the saying a cluttered house is a cluttered mind, well this concept works the same with writing, when your workspace is messy there are plenty of things to distract you.
  • Knowledge - A certain degree of knowledge is need by every writer, a brilliant way to pick up knowledge is to read as many books as possible on the genre you specialise in or relating to the current topic you are working on.

  • Unwanted Interruption’s- Try to keep your workspace away from family members or anyone who can come in and interrupt you while you work.

I've also posted a post on the BritWriter's Blog on how to combat writer's block, if you wish to view it.

Remeber having that bit of inspiration can help beat writer's block so maybe take a look around your house at photo's or in the eyes of your spouse, you could even take a short walk around your local area and get inspiration from whate ever you see but always take a notpad and a pen with you because even though the brain is a brilliant thing, it can also forget quite a lot.

Have you ever suffered with Writer's Block

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    • suzettenaples profile image

      Suzette Walker 5 years ago from Taos, NM

      Very informative and interesting article. Your reasons for writer's block I think are spot on. During my working career as a teacher, I was so busy, stressed and grading papers in my spare time, I had no energy left to write anything. Now that I am retired, the words just flow out of me. I do agree with everything you write about in this article. Well done and well written! Voted up and shared!

    • lou2212 profile image

      L. Caulton (Author L.L.CAULTON) 5 years ago from barnsley, UK

      I'm glad you liked it, the reason I wrote it is because as you said we can do these things but we dont realise it. Thank you for voting up :)

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 5 years ago from Upstate, New York

      Your advice has proven to work as I have done these tasks and broke the block without having realized it. It only occurred to me that it was helpful after reflecting on this hub. One great source of endless inspiration is my crazy friends and family. My long and isolated walks with my dog work when nothing else will.

      Thanks for the insightful hub.

      Voting Up