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Writing Between Natural Talent and Hard Work

Updated on May 10, 2017

The Meaning of Writing.

"Many people would rather read than write, because they are lazy to think".

-GC Lichtenberg-

For me, writing is a pleasure. With writing, I find it more productive. I feel produce something. A feeling that makes me feel good because it has produced a masterpiece.

Writing is a struggle. By writing, I struggled to get ideas and suggestions. Struggling to makes them into a sentence that is easily understood by the reader, not only comfortable to read by the author himself.

Writing also means kindness. By writing, I try to share whatever it can inspire others to do good. Writing things that can benefit others. That is the true meaning of the writing.

Writing is not as easy as reading a book. Read the book more to the passive activity, which we receive much more information than what we read. While writing is an active activity, where we have to fight to find ideas and then compile them into meaningful sentences.

Rock Lee

Writing, Between Natural Talent and Hard Work.

This time I want to tell you about one of the famous Japanese anime, Naruto. It deals with the meaning of writing, whether due to natural talent, or hard work.

Rock Lee is one of the characters in the Naruto movie that most inspired me in writing. Though of course there is no connection between the ninja and the writing, but the passion to continue to learn and work hard, it inspired me in terms of writing.

Rock Lee is not a ninja armed with exceptional talent from birth. Although he does not have talent, Rock Lee is always trying to keep practicing and practicing.

An unyielding zeal that inspired me. Although I do not have a talent for writing, I will still keep trying. Practice and practice. Write and write.

Best Quote of Rock Lee

I believe that with hardwork and passion, I can surpass natural genius

-Rock Lee-

Looking for Ideas

Many people say that writing capability is come from talent. Yes, I partially agree with this. But there are many people out there that are capable of producing brilliant writing from the struggle. One of well-known writer in my country say that, the analogy to find ideas in writing is like fishing in the ocean.

Analogy in looking for ideas for writing, it was like we fish in the sea

The idea of writing is like a fish in the ocean. Of course, the number of that fish is not limited, isn't it? there are so many. Writers are like fishermen. Fishermen consists of 2 types, there are lazy fishermen, and creative fishermen. Fishermen are lazy, just sitting on the beach, then hope there is big fish that stranded and died. While creative fishermen, will use a variety of resources and efforts to catch fish. They use nets, fishing rods, and even some of them form groups of fishermen. This parable applies to a writer.

The idea of writing is wandering everywhere like a fish in the sea. All depend on ourselves, if you want to be creative or not.

Looking for ideas in writing is like fishing in the ocean.
Looking for ideas in writing is like fishing in the ocean.

Practical Tips to be a Writer

Many people say: "I want to be a writer! I swear!". But they were lazy to read, lazy to start writing. Until whenever, they will not be writers.

Though, writing is one form of communication, and reflection of intelligence which needed in the development of the person himself and for his community. According to James Peannebaker, writing can be a self-care or according to a Layman's language: "relieve stress!" And some peoples say that writing can make you help others.

Here are some practical tips on how to become an writer.

  • Love Reading

To be able to write, requires adequate insight. Our insights will grow especially when we read a lot. In a week we should read at least 1 book. There is no harm if we take the time to read the work of famous authors and learn what the advantages of their creations

  • Love Languange

We can not escape from language throughout our lives. Not only that, often, the intellectual level of a person is measured by the way he uses the language. So why do not we try to always develop good language skills?

  • Write a Diary

Have a diary and write down what we think. What we feel or we experience every day can be written in the diary. And this is an effective exercise for those who want to be writers. Not only that, who knows you will become a famous person and your diary is recorded as Anne Frank! Now even you can write your diary on your blog, multiply, and your personal website. Why not start it? 

  • Exercise Describe and Imagine

Try to describe your room in detail through writing. Try to keep practicing your skills by trying to describe the room, the outdoors, the people, and the objects around.

Then develop your imagination. When in the morning, you see an elderly grandmother staring at you from the window of her house, you can begin to wonder and guess many possibilities. Who is she? What does she want from you? Does her life happy? Does she have tragic secrets of the past? If you write, that questions can be a short story or novel. You can believe or not.

  • Hobby of Researching and Discussing

Writing is not just a matter of language skills. Writing can be more qualified by research. Research often makes our writing more 'rich,' unique and intelligent.

So it is with the discussion. We will find new things after we discuss with someone. We can also practice to try to rewrite what we discuss with our friends. And suddenly, look like we read many books, we will feel richer with the idea of writing.

  • Publish your Work

Many people feel embarrassed and hesitant to publish their work in the mass media, arguing that they are still beginner or are afraid of his work being criticized as a poor work. Finally the works are only stacked in a drawer or stored in a folder.

Try to be more confident to send it, but you should be ready if the paper is not loaded in the mass media. Sometimes we always feel the work we write it's bad. But it could be, the reader just feel the opposite. They enjoy our work.

We may also ask some close friends who like to appreciate our paper to read the work before we send it.

If it is not too confident to send directly after we write it. Well, in order to quickly publish a book, one way is to ask for some kind of introduction from a leading literary writer or observer. Or at least ask for some kind of endorsment (comment behind book).

Those are some tips that we need to try to be a good writer. No need to worry too much with the word 'talent'. If you feel unworthy, you can still be a great writer, as long as you have the determination and continue to practice. It takes only 10% talent and 90% determination and practice to become a successful writer. So, good luck!

Writing in Nature

You can search writing ideas when in nature.
You can search writing ideas when in nature.

Do you like to write?

When you feel like writing, what topics do you want to take?

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    • hanannaqq profile image

      Hanan Naqq 4 years ago

      thanks sweetie1. I'm still new to HubPages. May this be my spirit to write more with variation to the different posts.

    • sweetie1 profile image

      sweetie1 4 years ago from India

      Hanannaqq, this is very good hub and since it is your first hub, it shows you are going to be quite liked here once you have more experience and more hubs.

    • hanannaqq profile image

      Hanan Naqq 4 years ago

      Thanks WillStarr

    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Great start!

    • hanannaqq profile image

      Hanan Naqq 4 years ago

      thanks @SidKemp for your comment. This is my first comment in my first hub. ^_^

    • SidKemp profile image

      Sid Kemp 4 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

      Thanks for sharing your first hub. Keep up the good, hard work!