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Writing My Novel - Would You Read It?

Updated on September 26, 2014

The Book - 50,000 words into it....

I began to write a short story over a year ago. It begins with Ethriel. As far back as he can remember, lifehad always been grim. He lived a life under the ever watching eyes of his overlords(who shall not be named here). He mined the land, and grew food from the soil, which became ever more tired by the season. However, he never prospered from what he sowed. His overlords used him as a slave, packing up all the produce, and sending it off to a land that Ethriel had never seen.

This was my original idea. Within an hour, Ethriel had a friend, an accomplice, for whom he would do anything. The overlords had a face, a name, and an entire way of life. As did Ethriel, and his companion Faylock.

Our story starts in his homeland of Oren. A wasteland, a prison filled with despair, and a lowly way of life that was all they had ever known. They had been abducted from their family at a young age and brought to this prisonland. Faylock, the trickster accomplice had often told stories of hope, and how he had planned to escape, to a land where a man could be free. Yet all this was talk, and nothing more than stories they told over the fire after a hard day in the mines. As we get to know Faylock and Ethriel, their situation becomes more dire by the day. The supply of water begins to dry up and the fertility of their soil turns to dust.

It is just when the information begins to come to light, of a hope for a better life for them, that tragedy strikes Faylock closest to his heart. It is now or never.... Live the life of a coward, under the watch of these beastly men like creatures, or make a break for it. If they were to escape, maybe someday they would return? Maybe when they are ready to fight, and free their people from the clutches of this tyranny.

Two worlds away from Oren, a modest King wakes from his slumber. It was only yesterday that his land was totally peaceful. This Utopia that he had created, built on the shoulders of the fathers that bore him was entering an era of change. Now that the very madness he had persevered against, was rearing its ugly head. His enemies were gaining ground and had already struck him more than once. Cutting him within his own borders. He could not let his people know. Yet he needed to protect his honor and the future of his people.

With revenge so easily within his grasp, should he strike back and for what price? 'Patience is a virtue', he tells himself, as the numerous possibilities of what had transpired, ramble through his head. His advisers gather around. Wise men, angry men, some with years of experience on the field of battle with the scars to show for it, and others with knowledge from the lands beyond.

He could not be sure of anything as of now, except one thing. A great evil is coming. The only question remains, should he stand and fight, or attempt to preserve the current peace to insure the protection of his family, and of his people. If he lets the days slip past him, will his enemies pierce him again, and slowly destroy what his ancestors had died for?

The Story has since progressed

The Story has since progressed, maintaining the same overall storyline, but has become a lot more intricate, ever more complex.

The King, the chief and our protagonist for now (who shall not be named) has a wife, sons and daughters, his advisers have been named, one of which has a pre existing love interest with a serf born spy and his daughter has been married to the king of the enemy (obviously an retrospective addition).Inside the story we will find rebellion, magic, seafaring, mystical journeys, honor, betrayal, death and intrigue. I am quite excited to continue, and I hope, now that my writing has improved, that I can someday publish the story for others to enjoy.

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