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Writing: Ode to the Future

Updated on February 23, 2012

Whatever Comes to Mind #6

This ‘Whatever Comes to Mind’ thing I’ve been doing is starting to become something like a diary or blog of some type. I don’t think it’s bad in any way; it’s just something I noticed. Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot today. There are several of those moments in a day where I let my mind wander. It’s usually in class, between classes, on the bus, or when I’m walking to or from home. My mind goes from topic to topic, jumping around one after another. Today I thought of ideas for poems and lines for them. I get to thinking like this a lot sometimes which is why I write all of my ideas down in my Notes on my iPod. Whether it be a few lines for the beginnings of a poem or just a title for a poem, I type it in to remember. Besides that I like to write my ideas and things on paper if I feel the need to be elaborate on an important piece of writing. I guess what I’m getting at is the ‘Whatever Comes to Mind’ things are just random ramblings, sometimes of abstract thoughts, or a ‘soapbox’ type thing where I talk about a topic that is important to me. I really am just writing whatever comes to my mind. I post them because I want to and I don’t know if anybody really reads all of my poems and things beginning to end but I still post them regardless. I could see how someone might think of all the poems and stuff I post on Facebook as excessive. I think it’s helpful and useful. One day I want to look back on all that I’ve written. When I am old and/or married to the woman I love, and then I’ll have kids to read my poems to if they want. Perhaps I’ll read all the love poems I wrote to her, or I’ll wallow in pity at being lonely while reading love poems I wrote to different girls, whatever the case; hopefully not the latter. I have no idea but I know I’ll be able to look way back when I wrote about love, family, friends, the future, the past, and so much more. I look back now to when I wrote my first poems, one of them when was a mother’s day poem to my then foster mother of 10 years (which would make me 15 then), another was what seemed to be a poem I wrote when I was very pissed off. The other poem I found in an old journal recently was about a girl I liked in 6th grade, who later became my 1st girlfriend, but that’s a whole different, not so great topic I admit. Nevertheless, those poems enhance my memory of times of my life that were so important that I wrote about them. After reading them I laughed, smiled, and reminisced at how I was back then. It’s amazing to see how I’ve grown, literally and writing wise. I know I’ll be writing poems and there will be more ‘Whatever Comes to Mind’ parts also in the far future. As long as my hands allow me, I’ll be writing/typing or whatever the medium may be; it’s a passion. I have no idea if anything will come of all that I’ve written in terms of publishing or earning money but I could care less. It’d be nice but whatever happens, happens. Here’s to the future, to writing, living life, loving, and thinking.


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    • profile image

      Joseph 6 years ago

      This is really beautiful. I love writing and it's great to see that someone as young as you enjoys it too. Keep up the great work!