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Writing On A Poetic Note

Updated on May 10, 2014

The Ghost Within Us

Author: werner22brigitte
Author: werner22brigitte | Source

Poetic Commotion

"I am what I am and not a sham", exclaimed my inner voice. "No drugs or mere alcohol is at my beck and call". Inner voice has a choice as to what she calls herself. The self is the inner voice, spiritual by choice. Has anyone ever told you to find your inner voice? Do they assume that the inner voice is the Rolls Royce to transport the motivation translated into the written word? Have they heard the tiny voice singing in soprano, while the fingers were typing on the piano? Notes upon paper and keys, brushing against skin, a gentle breeze. Our senses are teased. In another dimension, releasing its tension. Have I mentioned the inner world is about to speak, with vibrating pitch about to peak. Nothing is a sham when water pressures the dam and the inner voice has been released.

Beckoning With The Creative Writing Spirit

Here is a how to summon The Creative Writing Spirit:

  1. Go with the flow. A creative inspiration is like the surfer riding the greatest wave ever.
  2. Focus on this inner spirit. Nurture it and it will, like a flower, grow.
  3. Pressure is a yin-yang being. Is has its positives and its negatives.
  4. Rely on the inner calm. Take some time to relax. This is healthy care of the inner creative psyche.

Wake Up The Sleeping Spirit And Let The Ghost Haunt You

How to and how do you do it? Read the suggestions in the box next to this paragraph and do as the colloquial expression states:Think outside the box! Let the beaver's dam be pushed away by the forceful flow of the rising water. Eventually the flow subsides and the river is calm. Calm waters are therapeutic. Therapeutic waters sooth the fatigued body and soul of the writer. Keep in mind calm is also creative. Deal with life therapeutically as you would your writing talent and take care of it. The Creative Writing Spirit needs care and has to last a lifetime.

Resourceful Thinking

Be a journal writer and keep that analog notebook where you can find it. The journal or diary, whatever term you choose to use, will serve as your personal library. If it is inconvenient to record your thoughts, feelings, and creativity in a high tech digital manner, then an inexpensive notebook or journal serves the purpose. Open its pages and document prose, poetry and essays. The use of a journal also documents and enhances psychotherapy. Yes there were and are writers who felt a need to participate in psychotherapy. Self knowledge is useful knowledge to the writer. Psychotherapy serves as an avenue to learn how to come to terms with dysfunctional upbringing and dealing with dysfunction in general. Might I add that it takes effort, discipline and work. The practice of Taoism also takes effort, discipline and work. Creative writing includes the practice of effort, discipline and work.

Flow Of The Creative Neurons

Author: Natureworks
Author: Natureworks | Source

A Treasured Written Expression

To wrap up this run of analytical thought and useful suggestions regarding how to create and motivate creative writing, in the long run, be yourself. Be yourself and know yourself. If you do not know yourself, then get acquainted with one's self. The previous paragraph illustrated how to make knowing one's self a reality. The Self is one of the many interesting subjects to write about. Introspection is an interesting direction. On the long hike, bring your bike and explore the inner environment with the pen acting as a narration mike.

Dear Poetic Journal

I love you, you are artistic, creative

Bearing my naked soul in the written word

A song so primal, screams when it is heard

A song of emotion, in the midst of commotion

And chaos, does it all make sense?

Figure it out, if it will make sense, hence -

Forth as life is bittersweet

How can it be all figured out?

Psychoanalysis will sort it all out

My avenue of expression, a soul's confession

I am singing it now

My Poetic Journal is my Songbook now.

A writer with so few words to write

The hours are late in the night

The words will not come

I shall confess

My thoughts will not come

Nothing more or less

To think, to feel, to rationalize

To see words with my very own eyes

Recorded in this book

My Poetic Journal

A diary of poems that live in this book.

Embrace Inner And Outer Nature

Author: Canaletto
Author: Canaletto | Source


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