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Writing On The Side

Updated on December 26, 2013

Article writing is a way that you pattern out the chaos of your mind. This improves your analytical skill and helps you in good decision-making. There are so many methods of writing out your ideas or turning your thoughts into articles. One of these methods of turning your ideas into articles is a method that I personally call writing on the side.

With the writing on the side method, is a way of coming up with more ideas in which you use the old ideas as a platform to generate new advance ideas. You could come up with ideas related to the old ones or completely different and new ideas that would pertain to another article.

Introducing supplementary ideas into your drafts is good to making your ideas clearer to the reader. However, they can do more harm than good sometimes. That is to say, when new ideas are placed wrongly in the content they could distract the attention of the reader or rather prevent reading ease. As a writer, you must be aware that, coming up with new ideas or introducing new ideas into the old drafts directly or indirectly affects the flow of the original content. This means that, any time that you introduce supplementary ideas in your article, you are supposed to maintain the flow of your content or idea by developing related connecting phrases and words. Sometimes you may have to change the whole article pattern to keep your ideas in order or to be able to capture the reader’s attention from beginning to the end of the article.

With the writing on the side method of writing, you are able to come up with new ideas to write new articles or to inject supplementary ideas directly into the old drafts without destabilizing the core or original pattern of the drafts.

Writing on the side is a direct opposite version of writing your ideas first on your notepad or paper and transferring them unto your computer by typing. Only this time around, you are actually transfer your thoughts from one document to another document on the same computer.

It helps you to read as you write

Normally, going back to read your old drafts or ideas can be very boring. Writing on the side is a way of guiding your reading. It also helps to make reading of your old draft interesting. Writing sometimes involve subjecting yourself to prolonged isolation in order to contemplate and deduce more ideas. Writing involves a lot of reading and this could be a really boring task to research on your topic and check errors in your content. As you read with no music to the background, typing new ideas on the side brings some form of entertainment to the writing process. The sound of the typing alone even provides some rhythm that makes you feel less alone. The rhythm of the typing motivates and primes your thoughts.

You gain the inspiration to work on your old drafts.

Sometimes when you discover new ideas, you tend to forget the ideas constituting the old drafts. Gaining the inspiration to develop the old drafts for publishing could become boring. Write you write on the side or deduce ideas from your old drafts, in a way, the process helps to orient or reminds you of the ideas once again.

You get to differentiate between your ideas

Writing on the side will help to differentiate between the ideas. This consequently helps you to arrange your ideas appropriately. Writing on the side helps to compare the ideas and give you a new perspective to old ideas. It gives you the perspective to also generate new ideas. When you use that method, you can breathe a new life into old ideas once more to make them interesting to work with. Writing on the side method is also helpful in memorizing your ideas.


Deriving new ideas from old ones

The old ideas give birth to your new ideas. The old drafts or idea gives you a mental image to rely on for more ideas to evolve. When you have origins to your ideas, it gives you confidence and the platform to create more vocabularies and to think straight forward. You can also develop or come up with technical words.

You get to write more than you already have

You will be able to deduce more ideas or write more than you have written already.

When you practice this method or rehearse this method with sentences, having related subject/keywords you will be able to peak your fluency. I.e. Write on the side of related keywords sentences.

Writing on the side guides your thoughts

Mostly, we lack the confidence to express our thoughts because the ideas are not guided. You therefore lack the confidence to create your ideas when you lack a previous perspective or experience on which to base your assertion on. Writing out your ideas without any roots is much like walking on rough unguided path. You are unable to think in a straightforward way. Writing on side offers controlled thoughts. You are able to write confidently based on a previous experience.

Writing on the side also helps to orient you to ideas in the article .so you can arrange well or even rewrite your ideas.

You are much free to express your inner feelings and thoughts

Sometimes, writing more ideas to attach to your previously written content can be stressful. It is as if you have to write exactly to fit to what you have previously written. Even when you do not have the words for it. When you write on the side, it is less stressful since you do not have to express your ideas within the confines of your old ideas. You have the freedom to come up with supplementary ideas that either can fit into the current project or start a new article. You do not feel like a slave to your own ideas. You have the freedom to create new ideas but at the same time, you have a guided path in your thinking so you experience less fear in expressing yourself. Writing on the side simply creates the platform for creativity to flourish. But not strictly to conform to a particular article. You get to experiment with new ideas when writing on the side. It guides your irregular thoughts to fluency. It gives you the psychological freedom to express your thoughts.

You can develop versions of your own ideas

Helps to break the walls of your own previous thoughts or ideas. And at the same time stay within the confines of your ideas. You can develop ideas that have roots to your previous contents so it becomes easy when arranging your subsequent ideas. You have the confidence to express new versions of your own ideas.

You understand your topic more

Helps you to understand the topic more because you are able to read more meaning into the previous idea and that re-inspires you to write more. You gain perspective to your new ideas. You can write new ideas with your own previous ideas as a guide.

Writing on the side gives you the confidence and understanding in your original ideas as well as the confidence to publish them.

Gives you a perspective to derive supplementary ideas or new articles.

It gives you a perspective to deduce more advance ideas as supplementary to the old ones or as new ideas to start new articles.

You can quote your ideas to fit in new ideas. You can derive more supplementary ideas for your old drafts. Writing on the side-another way of deducing more supplementary ideas without distorting the original part tern of the content.

New ideas make old ideas seem archaic.

Normally when you develop new ideas or come up with new ideas, old ideas may seem archaic to you. You may lack the confidence to publish your ideas. Keeping the old ideas and new ideas sometimes may also destabilize the core of your content or ideas because they are contradictory to each other. Considering the fact that new ideas evolve from old ones. This could confuse even the writer and make arranging of your ideas difficult.

ones the new ones are turned into articles of their own and supplementary ideas to the old one, you do not compare them old ideas to the new ones as being new advance ideas which will make the new ideas seem archaic. The old ones would rather seem as versions of the new ideas.

You are able to churn out new article ideas.

When you write on the side, you are able to turn new ideas into new articles. This rather gives you the perception that the new ideas are rather new versions of the old ideas. Hence they can rather be used as new articles rather than replacing the old ideas in the old drafts. When you use the new ideas or turn them into new articles, you are able to gain the freedom and confidence to maintain your old favorite ideas and arrange them well.

You gain the confidence therefore to publish your old ideas.

It helps write to see new ideas only as versions of old ones

It gives you the confidence to publish your ideas because you deduce new ideas from the old ones that makes you see the old ideas or drafts as only a version. You do not perceive your old ideas as wrong when comparing them to new ones.

You are able to title your content ideas

Writing on the side also gives you the perspective to title your ideas. This makes it easier in titling your ideas.

Testing the harmony or consistency between ideas in a content

It can be used to test the uniformity or harmony of the grouped ideas in an article. By deriving new ideas from the old ideas, you get to notice the similarities or consistency between the old ideas as you notice the similar ideas that evolve from them. You are able to bring together related ideas and omit the unnecessary or contradictory ones to give your content the appropriate flow.


Guidelines to writing on the side is provided below:

When using MS word software, you can simply write on the side by writing in the comment box close to each of your ideas. After that, you can compile the new ideas or that which have evolved from the old ideas and turn them into new articles. You can also select the less conflicting ideas into the old drafts as supplementary ideas.

If you have another writing software such as sticky notes, you can use that one as your comment pad. Simply put the MS word software into read mode. As you read your ideas, you can write out the new ideas that evolve from them onto the sticky notes file. You can later compile these comments and inject the most related ones into your article draft on MS word or compile the comments (new ideas) to form new articles.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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